REFLECTiON: A Unique Christmas Day Service

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IT was a cold, misty and rainy Christmas morning when I arrived at a neighborhood church to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. There was no sign of a single living creature in the 500 seat church hall. I was puzzled and wondered if I had come at the right time. Then, I spotted an elderly figure in the chapel at the far end of the right church wing. As I walked towards them, the tapping sound of my steps echoed loudly in the empty sanctuary. Suddenly, a chill ran down my spine. For once, I felt lonely in the church on a Christmas morning.

I sat and paused in the midst of 20 worshippers to give thanks for the birth of a living God and to eagerly anticipate his second coming. As I knelt and received the Holy Communion elements, the feeling of anticipation welled up from within. The reading from the gospel John 1:1-14 reminded me of the vulnerable child in the manger, the God of the impossible, became flesh and lived in this world. I stood in awe of a God who made the impossible become possible in the history of humanity. That’s why the entire world rejoices and celebrates the miracle.

On one hand, I was impressed by the grey haired believers who faithfully arrived 15 minutes before the service. I know none of them. Their attendance on such a cold Christmas morning was worthy of praise. On the other hand, I was wondering where were their children? Why didn’t they join the family occasion? The two priests were much younger than the congregation. They led the liturgical service well. I was reminded of the coming King as I walked away and enjoyed a morning walk in the park nearby, pondering on a very unique service on Christmas morning.

Kong Ching, London, UK
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