PRESIDENTdesk: Give Thanks for 2018

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Thank God, because the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is always abundant, and the power of the cross saves all who believe including my humble self. The Holy Spirit is my Counselor, teaching me and keeping me in God’s love. The Father looks after me at all times, in all places.

Thank God, in the beginning of 2018, my daughter, a veterinarian herself, was married to another veterinarian, and they are happily married.

Thank God, my father-in-law has been living with us for almost a year, and we have learnt a lot.

Thank God, my physical health is better, my knee is stronger, so that I can kneel to pray and play ping-pong/basketball as usual. I no longer feel dizzy when chairing meetings, and even my dizziness (inner ear fluid imbalance) and panic attacks are healed. Whether I am flying, or driving, or in an express boat, or walking, I have peace and joy given by God.

Thank God, he speaks to me every morning when I pray and read the Bible, and for the many prayer warriors who join the Friday Wesleyan Fast, walking together in one spirit.

Thank God, brothers and sisters send us many gifts like durians, jambu, coconuts, mangos, dumplings, chickens, eggs, pig feet, etc. making our family feel overwhelmingly blessed. We receive them with thanksgiving.

Thank God, the 10 SCAC district superintendents take care of each other, walking together in the second year of ministry.

Thank God, pastoral co-workers were healed from physical or spiritual illnesses, experiencing the great healing power of Jesus.

Thank God, this year we were successful in testing out a decrease of meeting times. SCAC board meetings were decreased from 4 times to 3 or 2 times, and the annual conference from 2.5 days to 2 days. We were even able to finish meetings in shorter periods of time.

Thank God, this year the 12 series of president’s desk is no longer limited to the written word, but now also in video form, receiving a good response.

Thank God, this year at the end of February, SCAC offices moved to Masland Church giant conference room. Under the leadership of the Secretary General, with the help of Victory Home’s strong men to carry things, the cooperation of office staff, and the welcome of Masland church pastors and leaders, there is a great working atmosphere in this temporary space.

Thank God, in April we began building the headquarters. Though there was delay in laying the foundations, we are still able to finish in April 2020 as originally anticipated. In June we began renovation of Wei Kuok Hall, which will be completed by the end of the year. New Victory Home building and fundraising are also completed smoothly.

Thank God, the embezzlement case at the Methodist Book Room reached an unexpectedly swift conclusion.
Thank God, Malaysia’s GE14 results were also unexpected. All churches thank God for listening to prayers. God is transforming and renewing our nation, spreading scriptural holiness. We have more freedom of speech, and the new government brings new hope, new atmosphere, and new freedom. The church can continue to be alert and watchful.

Thank God, brothers and sisters from Miri arranged for me to see what God is doing among the Pa Adang’s Penan people. I am thankful for these brothers and sisters united in building houses for them.

Thank God, the Methodist Prayer Convention was held successfully in Sibu.

Thank God, the Holy Spirit guided us to appoint next year’s new district superintendents and pastors. Everyone cooperated for a month of praying, thinking, and discussing, to understand and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Notably, we have appointed a full-time chaplain for Pilley Institute after many years of request and pastors retired for many years are back in action to help out.

Thank God, this year I saw 3 visions: people see God as food, the weaker are indispensable, and do not lose the next generation.

Thank God that during Annual Conference we commissioned a record-breaking 13 missionaries. 8 are overseas, 5 are local, including a couple breaking new ground among the Hakka.

Thank God, the Esther fast and pray group at SCAC level has over 260 joining the 3 days of fasting. Among local churches there was at least 1 that set up their own network with over 100 participants.

Thank God, for His endless blessings and indescribable gift. Hallelujah. Amen.

By Rev Dr Tie King Tai, SCAC President