MTS Newsletter 12/2018: HIM We Proclaim ! (A Note from the Principal )

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MTS has just graduated 43 students in our recent 20th Graduation. I asked myself this question: What makes the theological education we offered to our graduands relevant to the churches (and the wider world of God) and faithful to the vision God has for MTS? The motto of MTS stated in Colossians 1: 28 comes to mind. Three useful pointers have always been the core of our theological education:

1. Maturity in Christ: Our teaching and engagement of the Scriptures, drawing wisdom and lessons from the Tradition of the Church, sharpening the Reason and enriching our Experiences in God’s truth are with this core in mind. This perfecting in Christ, as John Wesley termed, keeps us growing and living our calling and to be relevant and faithful.

2. Exemplary in Discipleship: Theological students in MTS realize that there are many hidden curriculums that challenge them to ‘informal’ learning and to be vessels of blessings to each other in the community. Without a constant awareness to developing Christlike character and conduct, we could easily fall short of the greater goal of first to be God’s faithful disciple in order to be faithful leaders and pastors.

3.Proclaimer of Salvation: Our theological education is to mold and shape individuals who were called to be true disciples of Christ and live to proclaim Him and to present men and women fully mature in Christ. To this end, we strive with the might of the Holy Spirit!

With you, brothers and sisters, sharing with us this vision and to send men and women to MTS with this core pointers in mind, those who are with us will be enthusiastic and are prepared to submit to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as they go through the very rigorous and challenging training in MTS. We believe our training in MTS will be faithful and relevant!

By Rev. Dr. Khoo Ho Peng