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13/06/2018: Brothers and sisters from Junior Methodist Youth Fellowship of Mei Ann MC Miri, led by Rev. Wong Lik Kai visited us.

03/07/2018: Visitors from Korea.

10/07/2018: Visitors from Korea. First row (from left): Dr. Kim Dongjo and his wife.

18/07/2018: Visitors from Taiwan.

29/09/2018: Brothers and sisters from Methodist Youth Fellowship of Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church and SMK Tung Hua visited us.

14/08/2018: Sister Jenny Xiong Ying from Living Water Church (China) visited us, accompanied by Rev. Yap Lian Fah.

01/10/2018: Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Hasan Sutanto from Indonesia visited us and conducted a seminar.

15/10/2018: Visitors from Oasis Family Life Centre, Rev. Dr. Ngoi and his wife.

15/11/2018: Visitors from China, Dr. Liu Ji Feng and Brother Paul Zhai.

19/11/2018: Visitors from Singapore’s New Heart Music Ministries, accompanied by Rev. Kiew Tie Siong.

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