SCAC Special Appointment 2019

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SCAC Secretary General: James Lau Pan Yeu

Director of Christian Education: Yii Mee Leh

Director of Mission Board: Grace Wong

Field Director of Mission Board: Dawn Lau

Director of Board of Laity: Wong Kah Nguon

Assistant Board of Laity: Winnie Chan (Volunteer)

Director of STMS Programme: Khoo Leh Yong

Director of Youth Ministry and Fellowships: Kiew Tie Siong

Advisor Senior Fellowship: Esther Law Chu Ee
Director General Senior Learning Centre: Esther Law Chu Ee

Director of Youth Centre Sibu: Monica Siaw
Director of Youth Centre Bintangor: Tony Chieng Tai Ming

Director of Counseling Board: Ling Ching Nee (part time)

Director of Board of Education: Wong Teck Ong

Director of Board of Christian Literature: Wong Meng Lei

Director of Board of Information Communication: Wong Chin Ping

Director of Board of Social Concerns: Pauline Ling
Director of Victory Home: Tan Kok Hua

Chaplain of Victory Home: Ting Diu Kiong (Volunteer)

Director of Board of Evangelism: Law Hui Seng

Director of Board for the Disable: Wong Kee Wei

Director of Board of Worship and Music: Lybia Su Hie Chiat

Director of Board of Property Management: Paul Kuon Chee Enn

Administrator of Board of Archives and History: Ngui Soon Chuo

Methodist Bookroom Manager: Pau Seng Cheong

Methodist Pilley Institute Principal: Hii King Kai

District Music Director: (Sarikei)Wong Song Jing; (Sibu West) Cornie Ho; (Kapit)Ting Hong Heng; (Miri) Bong Wui Choo, Ting Kee Ling; (Kch West) Hoo Kie Hua; (Btg/Sarikei) Danny Tiong Ho Loong, (Sibu North) Jane Tie Sing Yu, (Bintulu) Evelyn Ting Xin

Methodist Theological School Principal: Khoo Ho Peng

Academic Dean of MTS: Ling Tung Kiing

Dean of Students:Ting Huat Ung

Director of Field Education: Su Chii Ann

Director of TEE: Ting Siew King

Acting Director of MTS Library: Lau Sie Bing

Director of Worship & Music Program: Lu Chen Tiong

Director of Wesley Centre: Thomas Lau

Director of Religion & Culture Centre: Hoo Sing Hang

Chaplain of MTS: Samuel Law Ning Seng

Lecturer of MTS: (Part time) Grace Wong(Missiology), Sii Hie Tiong(Missiology), Tie King Tai, Wong Kah Nguon, Kong Chong Ling, Kiew Tie Siong, Wong Koi Fo, Wong Kee Sing

PIC of Zion Bible Correspondence School: Chua Siew Chen

School Chaplain of Methodist Pilley Institute: Debbie Yet Yung Choo

Chaplains of Methodist Secondary School: Sia Chai Kiong, Sency Ling, Wong Koi Fo

Chaplains of Methodist Primary School: Ambrose Wong,Tang Sin Hie, Ezra Kong

Chaplain of Sarikei Methodist Primary School: Betty Wong, Wong Chu Yin

Chaplain of Bintangor Tung Hua Primary & Secondary School:Yong Ching Chi

Superintendent of Children’s Home Sibu: Yong Kie Ho

Superintendent of Children’s Home Miri: (Reserve)

Superintendent of Children’s Home Bintulu: Ting Hong Theng

Supervisor of Methodist Hope Centre Miri: Jeslyn Ha

Director of Hospital Ministry Kuching: Ong Siew Hui(Part time)

Assistant of Hospital Ministry Kuching: Chiew Khun Seng(Part time)

Volunteer Pastor of Hospital Ministry Kuching: Wong Siew Ung