1st Sabah Annual Conference: 2019 SAC Appointment

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President: Rev Dr Hii Kong Hock
SPAC Lay Leader: Yong Siong Mew, Anthony Lau Bong Horng (vice)
SPAC Secretary: Ten Fook Seong
Chairman of Board of Finance: Lau Kiing Ho
SPAC Treasurer: Loi Hien Khong
Director of Youth Ministry: Rev Tee Kwok Chiang
Director of Junior Youth Ministry: Rev. Esther Lu Yi Tin
Director of Chinese Ministry: Rev Tiong Lee Chiong
Director of Board of Missions: Lee Ting Hwong
Director of Board of Worship & Music: Wong Chung Yiing, Wong Feng Nee

Western District Superintendent: Rev Ling Heu Uh
District Youth Instructor: Rev Ling Heu Uh
Shern En Methodist Church: Rev Pauline Su (PIC), Rev Esther Lu Yi Tin (AP), Rev Pau Kiew Lik (AP)
Sipitang Methodist Preaching Centre: Rev Pau Kiew Lik (PIC)
Inanam Methodist Church & Tuaran Methodist Preaching Centre: Rev Tee Kwok Chiang (PIC),
Rev Lo Vui Min (AP), Ps Grace Yong Sing Ping
Song En Methodist Church: Rev Ling Heu Uh (PIC), Rev Chin En Phin (AP)
Kingfisher Methodist Church: Rev Ten Fook Seong (PIC), Ps Jenny Teo Kim Chee (AP)
Wesley Methodist Chapel: Ps Jenny Teo Kim Chee (PIC)
Agape Methodist Church: Rev Chua Ming Hua (PIC)
Keningau Methodist Church: Rev Shia Siek Hing (PIC)
Labuan Methodist Church: Rev Mo Mee Kiu (PIC)

Eastern District Superintendent: Rev Sia Howe Ding
Youth Instructor: Rev Sia Howe Ding
Holy Grace Methodist Church: Rev Vincent Kam (PIC)
Jia En Methodist Church: Rev Sia How Ling (PIC)
Sy En Methodist Church: Rev Sia Howe Ding (PIC), Rev Ng Shiong Kim (AP)
Tman Mawar Methodist Preaching Centre: Rev Ng Shiong Kim (PIC), Rev Goh Lian Choo (AP)
Xuan En Methodist Church: Rev Sii Siew Hung (PIC)

BM District Superintendent: Markus Sigar
Kota Kinabalu Methodist Preaching Point (Menggatal): Rev Effindy Pengiran (PIC)
Kota Kinabalu Methodist Preaching Centre (Asia City): Ps Fionalisa Binti Aldrin (PIC)
Kampung Mononood Methodist Preaching Centre: Rev Markus Sigar (PIC)
Lokan Qi En Preaching Centre: Rev Jaraning Sampani (PIC)
Binsulung Methodist Preaching Centre: Rev Evvioritha Solaiman (PIC)
Tawau Methodist Preaching Centre: Ps Wahyudy Binti Sylvester (PIC)
Batu 15 Methodist Preaching Centre: Rev Rofinus Nicolaus (PIC)
Xin En Methodist Preaching Centre: Rev Rofinus Nicolaus (PIC)
Keningau Methodist Preaching Centre: Rev Anderson Norbert (PIC)
Mangkalias Preaching Centre: Rev Anderson Norbert (PIC)
Sandakan Methodist Preaching Centre: Rev Cecelia Ukong (PIC)

(PIC: Pastor-in-charge, AP: Assistant Pastor)