43rd SCAC: 4-in-1 Closing Service: 11 pastors ordained 13 missionaries commissioned

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The 43th Session of the Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference closed with the Ordination Service, Memorial Service, Commissioning Ceremony and Closing Ceremony.

During the Memorial Service, a tribute was paid to Rev Ting Ching Hua who had served faithfully for more than 20 years and went to be with the Lord on 13 April. The whole congregation took a moment of silence to remember Rev Ting. His daughter Dorcas Ting and her husband Anthony Lee were invited to share this moment.

It was followed by the Ordination Service. Three pastors were ordained as Elders and eight as Deacons. The Elders were James Lau Puong Bin, Wong Poh Fong and Kong Choo Chiang and the Deacons Gabriel Ling Chee Bing, Lim Hock Sing, Betty Wong Ling Ting, Yong Ching Chi, Ling Yaw Jye, Lee Tung Sing, Chan Kiang Wei and Tann Kedal.

At the subsequent Commisioning Ceremony, a total of 13 missionaries were commissioned. Among them eight were overseas missionaries, namely Chuo Chiong Peng, Tiong Chor Chor, Chai Siaw Wei (Mynmar), Ling Chuan Jun (Nepal), Ngu Hung Chin (East Asia), Victoria Damini A/p Mohan (Southern Thailand), Sia Pik Hao & Wang Yan Ting (East Asia).

The other five were home missionaries: Chai Kian Ching and his wife Chai Sheau Hong (Hakka in Kuching), Jason Siew Sin Ann and Nguang Sii Khing (voluntary, Ibans in Sarikei), Ting Mee Hung (Ibans at Sibu Jaya).

At the Closing Service, the President of SCAC, Rev Dr Tie King Tie, preached from Matthew 18:12. The man owns a 100 sheep, and one of them wanders away. Will he not leave the 99 sheep on the hills and go to look for the lost sheep.

Rev Tie urged the congregation to “leave” something dear behind so that the will of God will be accomplished in one’s life. Let us not be too busy taking care of the 99 sheep that we neglect looking for the one missing. Let us not be too busy and be occupied with church activities and programmes that we neglect the missing one, which can most probably be the child in our own family.

Rev Tie challenged us not to abandon the next generation. It all starts with our own family: discipleship in our own home. 

Reported by Rev Candy Liong