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Miri – The Sarawak State Boys’ Brigade Council organized a Juniors Leadership Camp from Sep 8 – 9 held at Permy Methodist Church.

Officers and Helpers from 3rd Miri, 4th Miri, 6th Miri and 7th Miri were involved in the 2D/1N camp attended by 42 Boys and Girls ages 10-12 years.

The goal of the camp was to inculcate good character values and to prepare the Juniors for leadership roles in the future.

Moreover, Juniors are now at a vulnerable age when character-building needs to be firmly instilled before they reach adolescence after which the moulding of good character will be more difficult and challenging to fulfill.

Sarawak State Training Chairman Lt Aaron Tieng (1st Sibu) was the event trainer. “I’m delighted to work with the Miri BB Companies. Today’s young people are heavily influenced by social media. They learn the world through the tiny screen in front of them. They may not be adequately prepared to face any challenges growing up. We have a huge responsibility and task ahead to guide our young Members,” he emphasized.

Before the camp commenced, the participants were briefed on the importance of:
1. Punctuality
2. No gossiping/unnecessary chatting
3. Caring for fellow Members
4. Respect for all
5. Honesty

During the camp, participants learned to work with others. They learned to follow instructions, to focus on the given objectives, to be responsible for their own belongings and doings, to admit their mistakes and commit not to make the same mistakes again.

11 year-old Leading Boy Andy Sii (White Lanyard, 6th Miri) shared his testimony during the camp debriefing: “What burdened me during this camp was the responsibility looking after my balloon; making sure it didn’t burst due to any carelessness caused by me. I’m really relieved when our trainer announced that the task was over which meant that I took good care of my balloon. I also aspire to be a higher-rank Leading Boy.”

7th Miri Emily Kiu commented that she was apprehensive in joining the camp initially because it was her first time away from her parents hence making her feeling insecure. “I’m glad I joined because I’ve learned a lot and made new friends.”

In closing, Lt Aaron Tieng said: “I do hope the camp is not the end for them, but a new beginning to grow with a good character. The Juniors are our future leaders and we need to train them well. I believe with this training, and the support from schools and families, we are able to transform our Juniors to be better leaders for tomorrow.”

To enroll your child in The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia, kindly contact Lt James Tc Wong, Miri Outreach Coordinator, at jamestcwong@hotmailcom).

by Lt James Tc Wong, 4th Miri
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