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The Presence of God at the Prayer Room!
It was early dawn; with tip-toes I entered the prayer room. Serenity and soft music infused the room. I was filled with an inexplicable peace in my heart and I strongly felt the reality of the presence of God. This was because before I came, many had offered hymns and prayers of praises and thanksgiving, of devotion and supplication to the Lord at this very place.

Holding the prayer lists, I felt so dumb, feeling the lack of prayer practices in the past. I just didn’t know what to say, or how to convey my thoughts. At that moment, a little voice was telling me about the way I have lived, my family, my church, my pastors and my country.

My tears flowed like a burst dam, pouring down my face. I realized my deep desire and need which I could not utter and the Holy Spirit was helping me to pray.

When I left the room, I was wrapped in peace. How I wish I could experience similar touching moments such as this in my daily life.
(Eileen Su, Inanam MC, Sabah)

The Unity of the Methodists
This was the first time I participated in the National Methodist Prayer Convention. I thought it would be no more than boring seminars. However, from the messages of the speakers, I was reminded that through prophets God had revealed His purpose and promises and that I have to make good use of prayers.

Moreover, I felt that the Methodists are truly united in one heart when we sang praises and prayed together. Though we are of different races, speak different languages, from different backgrounds, from different states, we are one family in the love of God. As we praised the Lord together, I felt the warmth in my heart.

I am grateful that I could participate in this prayer convention before I graduate. I am surer of my dedication to serve the Lord full-time, and to lead an influential life to bring others to Christ.
(Zhou Ying Ying , MTS student, Sibu)

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