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Praying Is a Blessing!
This MPC was a new discovery for me. For the first time I realised that the Methodist Church is a united family beyond races, states and languages. It was so amazingly beautiful when we praised the Lord in different languages yet in one voice.

Time and trials have not crushed the church; instead the church is growing stronger.

I experienced the blessing of prayer during these three days as praying is a blessing. Through prayers, we can speak to God as if we are talking to our own father, or like making a phone call to Him. We can even chat about our daily happenings and other trivialities. The One at the other end of the line, our heavenly Father, is ever patiently listening. We come to know Him better and experience His wonderful deeds!
(Joshua Ting, 13 years old, Zion MC, Sibu)

Heart at Rest
I felt my heart at peace at the MPC. Often I have failed to look up to Jesus in my busyness. Thus, coming to this prayer convention helped me to focus on Jesus again. During my participation of the 60 hours prayer chain, I also felt the presence of God and the peace when allowing God to nurture my inner being.

While praying, I came to the point of letting go of myself piece by piece, admitting my weaknesses, my failures and my limitations. Then I was able to raise my hands in prayer for my country, my society and my church and to entrust them to the Lord.
(Rev Ting Gin Gin, En Tao MC, Sibu)

Give Thanks for These Youths!
This was the second time I participated in the MPC. The most touching thing was that I saw so many teenagers at the convention. They were learning to pray for our country from young, how wonderful!

Secondly, I was deeply moved when Bishop Ong led the East and West Malaysians to forgive each other and to reconcile with better understanding. This helped us put down our differences caused by politics and historical burden. It was a renewal of our spirituality as well.

Thirdly, when the Bishop invited all the pastors to come to the front to be prayed over by the participants, as a young pastor I was again deeply touched. My ministry is not depending on my own effort but the prayers of so many people who have prayed for me.
(Pastor Ser Zee Chun, PJ State)

I am “The Rich Second Generation”!
I came as a volunteer at the MPC. I didn’t expect much but God had something in mind for me.

On the second night, the speaker asked the congregation, “What is your name in your heart?” Two names popped up; one was ‘laziness’ and the other ‘You are a spoiler as ever!’ I was shocked by my thoughts as vivid images of what others have been calling me came to mind.

After coming to my senses, I heard the speaker say, “What you call yourself has direct impact on you, and it also affects your relationship with God.”

The speaker asked if I could change my name, what new name would I give myself. When I prayed in response, I told God any name would do besides the above two.

After praying, I didn’t have any special feeling but on Sunday noon, three words came to mind: “A rich second generation!”

Why? It got me pondering deeply. It was right too! The God of all Creation is in charge of the past, present and future. As a child of God, I have strong backing. Thus before getting my full inheritance, I have to learn and practise hard to receive my share. If God is giving me this new name, it is indeed a great blessing to claim it.

This prayer convention has given me a new start in life. I must re-adjust my praying life, so that in future I can live up to my name!
(Chin Tze Kwan, a volunteer of MPC, Xin Fu Yuan MC, Sibu)

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