MOVIEnight: The Power of FORGIVENESS Agape: Movie Night 2018

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IT was a lovely evening when so many members of the church turned up with new friends for the movie, “End of the Spear”. There was a festive mood in the church. The screen was up and the chairs all arranged very neatly in the sanctuary.

“It is like going for a movie during Chinese New Year!” someone remarked.

Outside in the function room. Monica Tiong, Brian Huang, Pastor Lindberg, Pastor’s wife, Belinda Yeck, Aaron Hii (the leader for the evening)were all busy setting the tables and arranging the dishes and drinks for a light meal. Their actions and smiles made both new comers and old timers feel so welcome.

Other members were eager to greet each other on this special Friday Night.

Usually on Friday evenings, church members would be meeting in their individual small group venues but tonight, the church united as a family to see a movie!!

The food as usual was well prepared.
The movie, “End of the Spear” is a 2005 drama film that recounts the story of Operation Auca (Huaorani People), in which five American Christian missionaries attempted to bring the Gospel to the Huaorani (Waodani) people of the tropical rain forest of Eastern Ecuador, South America.

The actual events happened in 1956. Five male missionaries were literally speared to death by the Waodani tribe when they landed on a beach in the rain forest, after flying there in a small light plane.

The movie helped movie goers learn the power of forgiveness and reconciliation. An unusual movie made for the big screen it is about the harrowing experience of two men, Steve Saint and Mincaye.

It started with Nate Saint (Steve’s father) who moved to Ecuador where he and his friends Jim Elliort, Ed McCully, Pete Fleming and Roger Youderian decided to search for the shy Aucas by plane. Due to a misunderstanding they were all speared to death when they made contact in 1956.

Nate Saint and the other four men became famous worldwide as a result LIFE magazine published a 10 page photo essay on the story, which was also covered in Reader’s Digest and many other publications. A school named after Nate Saint in Ecuador was built but unfortunately it was closed due to low enrolment in 2017.

Rachel Saint, Nate’s sister, continued the mission efforts to the Aucas which eventually came to fruition. This resulted in many of these natives becoming Christians, including those who had killed the entire team.
Amazingly Nate’s older son, Steve Saint, spent time as child visiting his missionary family members and friends and got to know the Aucas. Steve was baptized by Mincave, the very man who killed his father but later converted to Christ.

Today Steve Sain works with the Aucas (Huaorani) people and travels round the world, often accompanied by Mincave.

A documentary based on the book, “Beyond Gates of Splendor” was released in 2005. The movie End of the Spear was released the following year, 50 years after the killings.

From time to time, Agape Grace Methodist Preaching Centre of Miri will screen good movies. It is a delightful change for all. And a thumbs up for all involved in organizing the Movie Night.

By Chang yi,
Agape Grace Methodist Preaching
Centre, Miri

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