BM MINISTRY: Pusat Penginjilan Methodist Pending The 2nd Fully BM Preaching Centre in Sarawak

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IN January 2018, a new fully BM preaching point was officially established in Kuching and was called Pusat Penginjilan Methodist Pending. It is an extended ministry of Ching Kwong Methodist Church, initiated by the then pastor-in-charge Rev Ting Tiu Kiong in 2008. When I was posted to Ching Kwong MC, I was delighted to be a part in setting up the preaching point. After serving for one and a half years, I have seen three areas of progress among this BM congregation.

In Spiritual growth

This year, the congregation was encouraged to participate in Bible reading and memorization of Bible verses. The Christian Education Committee programmed the yearly reading chart, starting from the shortest Book and also the Bible verses to be read. Each week, one can read a book of the Bible with fewer chapters while the longer books are read over two or three weeks. As a reminder, the Verse of the Day is also included in the church bulletin each week to help the church members memorize God’s words.

It is very encouraging and rewarding because many sisters-in-Christ in particular took this activity very seriously. They memorized the Bible verses devotedly. When I told the congregation that there would be a Bible Verses Test in June, two sisters-in-Christ came to show me their work and said they were well prepared as they cut out the verses out from the Bulletin and pasted them in their scrapbook each week and memorized them every day. Oh, how encouraging and touching when I heard and saw this,
“Pastor, setiap minggu saya akan gunting dan lekat ayat hafalan dalam buku saya. Saya hafalnya setiap hari.”

I prayed that they would be examples for others in the church. They did a great job during the test.

In sharing the gospel with others

Every second week of the month, we mobilize our church members to go out to share the gospel with others after Sunday church service. In the past many lacked the keenness to go out, but now, they are the first to sit in the church van ready to go out to share with others the love of God. Those who were scared of sharing with strangers can now freely chat with people about the gospel. They are even able to pray for those in need as well.

Gratefully we have two youth participating in the children evangelizing programme. Every week they share the gospel with the children after church and help affirm their faith in Christ.

In Offering

In order to help our church members to have more faith in God, I shared with them messages on giving what is required of us, in offering according to what God has put in us to give and also in joining the membership tithes. Amazingly, our target for the membership contribution has been fulfilled in June. Many participate in tithing.

By God’s grace we hope to see more growth and progress as time goes by.

Written by Pastor Lim Hock Sing, Pusat Penginjilan Methodist Pending, Kuching
Translated by Christina

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