President’s Itinerary: June 2018

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Jun 2
Christian Evangelical Group Outreach

Jun 4-8
6th WFCMC Theo seminar (Taipei)
WFCMC EXCO meeting in Taipei

Jun 9
MER prayer

Jun 10-13
Preach in Singapore Geyland Meth Church camp

Jun 15-17
Lead MER 1

Jun 18
Solemnization and Exhortation at Wedding Matrimony

Jun 19
Pastors’ Appreciation Night of Sibu West District

Jun 20
Lecture at MTS

Jun 23
Preach at MJYF of Eng Kwang MC
Opening Service of Ark’s Book Room, Bintulu
Motivation for Christian Outreach Group at Eng Kwang MC

Jun 24
Preach at Eng Kwang MC
Preach at BB and GB evangelistic rally of Eng Kwang MC

Jun 25-30
Annual Leave