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MIRI – “Still work in progress,” announced Capt. Loh Pau Joo, President of The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia in his opening address during the 54th Brigade Council Meeting.

The Brigade President was referring to the revamping of the Exco’s structure and functions. New programs and activities centered on the various sections and age groups needed to stay relevant to the changing times. “But if we work together, I’m sure we will be able to come up with an ideal system for the benefit of our young people,” he added.

The Brigade President also mentioned the revival of the National Bible Quiz after a seven-year abeyance. He extended his thanks to Officers for their action because they had encouraged Members to participate. “I’d like to record a special thanks to Scripture Union Malaysia and Pristine World for partnering with us in making the revival of this quiz possible.”

Other important items articulated by the Brigade President included the Constitu-
tional Review, and a revamp in the Seniors’ Section syllabus and programs that would help Officers in better carrying out awards syllabus in schools.

In winding-up his speech, Capt. Loh said, “Moving into my final year as Brigade President, I ask that you join me in prayer that the Lord our God will send the right volunteers and groom the next generation of leadership.”
He reiterated that he was encouraged and pleased with the current younger and proactive Exco this term. “With more young people coming onboard, I’m confident that BB Malaysia is in good hands. Indeed our hope has always been in our Heavenly Father, who has given us this hope like an anchor, that is ever Sure and Stedfast. For those of us already in the Brigade, it is our calling and responsibility to carry out the BB Object, which in many ways is a reflection of the Great Commission but with an additional educational aspect to it. It is our role to serve our young people, and indeed, serving God with our very best,” he concluded.

Over 170 delegates from the various State Councils throughout the country attended the AGM in Miri from April 20-21.

The Guest-of-Honor gracing the event was Miri’s Yang Berbahagia Datuk Bandar, Adam Yii Siew Sang.

Other invited guests included Mr Tham Leong, Malaysia’s Honorary Brigade President, and representatives from the Sarawak Convention Bureau – Senior Business Development Manager, Mr Donny Tan and Bid Designer Mr Aaron Siaw.

For the Opening Ceremony, Datuk Bandar Adam with his entourage, arrived at Mega Hotel around 9:45 am on April 21.He was warmly welcomed by the BB Sarawak State Commissioner Hon. Capt Hii King Ong, followed by Brigade President Capt. Loh introducing the respective National Exco members to the Datuk Bandar.

The highlight of the Opening Ceremony was the General Salute from Guard-of-Honor, which was solemnly received by the Datuk Bandar.

Much to delight of the guests and delegates, a pua kumbu (Sarawak Iban traditional shawl) and a colorful-beaded native necklace were presented to Datuk Bandar Adam as he entered into the hotel foyer for the Indigenous Welcoming dance performed by SMK Bakong (1st Beluru).

In his welcoming speech, Datuk Bandar Adam thanked Brigade Malaysia for inviting him to officiate the event. The good Mayor also welcomed all the delegates and congratulated the Miri team for doing an excellent job in coordinating the organizing of the event. “Well done, Sarawak Boys’ Brigade – YOU BOLEH!” commended Datuk Bandar Adam.

Datuk Bandar Adam also challenged the Boys’ Brigade to reach out to more rural schools. “Learning in classrooms has its merits and limitations. To equip our young people to become committed and responsible citizens, it is imperative to bring them to learn outside the classroom too. This is where The Boys’ Brigade comes in. May I suggest that you introduce your BB program to more rural schools because I believe the rural students will benefit tremendously through activities that inculcate discipline and leadership skills,” added Datuk Bandar Adam.

In his exhortation “We are the Saints in Christ”, Brigade National Chaplain Rev. Chieng Yu Hoo used Ephesians 1:1-4 as guiding verses.

The key points were:
• We have been called by God to be His new creation, new community, new kingdom, and new household family.
• Only Jesus alone is our Salvation and our Lord; no other Gods or persons can we rely on and stand for.
• Because of our different and unique identities, we have to carefully to live our life.
• Our life on earth is temporary be-cause our destination is eternal life in heaven.
• We are vulnerable to undesirable influences and material things in our environment but we need to stand firm on the Truth and Salvation.

In concluding his message, Rev Chieng asked all present to reflect on two things:
• Fix our personal values and identities in Christ, not on worldly perceptions.
• Persevere to serve in the BB ministry though it is challenging.

“May God continue to bless BB ministry through us, the Saints of Christ, in Christ and for Christ,” said Rev Chieng as he ended his exhortation.

Special Awards
President’s Badge – Sgt Ng Kie Cheng, 5th Miri
President’s Badge – S/Sgt Chew Zheng Kiat, 4th Kuching
Founder’s Badge – L/Cpl Than Ye Hao, 7th Kuching
Bronze Service – Lt Yeoh Kee Sing, 16th Penang

Lauding the event in Miri, visiting delegates had these comments to say:

“First of all I would like to congratulate Bro James and team for hosting a wonderful BCM in Miri. Appreciate the personal pick-up from the airport upon my arrival. It’s these small gestures of personal touch to see to the needs of the guests which makes your service 1st Class. I enjoyed my first trip to Miri very much and the fellowship and catching up with old friends in the BCM. All our needs were very well taken care of by the host. Well done and thank you!” – Capt. Jason Chong, 1st Johor Bahru

“A great BCM 2018 meeting, well organised with great support from B.B. companies in Malaysia. Really glad to Sarawak Northern region team willing to take up the challenges and working together for this annual event. It is a real great experience to me ! All Glory to Our Lord! Thank you!” – BB Sarawak State Commissioner Hon. Capt. Hii King Ong

“Everything was excellent; the food and accomodation were ‘mou tak teng’ … which is a bit out of BCM norm, haha!” – Capt. SP Lin, 1st Kota Kemuning

“It was great! Love the hospitality, food and people!” – Capt. Tan Giok Hui, Selangor State Commissioner

BCM 2018 Miri-based Organizing Chairman Hon. Capt. Lawrence Wong praised the efficiency and unity of the Miri team. “I also wish to express my heartfelt thanks 1st Bintulu for sending us two trumpeters and two drummers when we needed them for the Guard-of-Honor. All glory to God!”

The Brigade Council Malaysia Committee wishes to acknowledge and thank the Sarawak Convention Bureau for their generous sponsorship of door gifts and banners to the event.

By James TC Wong
4th Miri Coy