President’s Itinerary: April

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Apr 1
Preach on Easter Sunday at Ming Ong MC

Apr 3
Ground Breaking Service of HQ Building Construction

Apr 6-7
Lecture at MTS

Apr 8
TOP Training at Miri
Preach in Senadin MPC

Apr 9
Lecture at MTS

Apr 10
Com on Ministry of Kapit District

Apr 11
BO Evangelism meeting
Lecture at MTS

Apr 12
Bible Study Group

Apr 14-16
Retired Pastors’ Retreat in KK

Apr 17-18
Super Right Brain Training/Teresina Chen’s Talk

Apr 19
Microstyle Writing Camp Opening Service
Pastors’ Wives Fellowship meeting

Apr 27
Methodist Women Fellowship meeting

Apr 27-28
Lecture at MTS

Apr 28
Night of Chinese Family For Christ

Apr 29
Love Run 2.0

Apr 30
Lecture at MTS

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