EVANGELISM: Experiencing the Urgency of Evangelism

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I learned a lot from the Mission Game which was held at Sibu Centennial Park from 31 August to 2 September 2017.

Like the Life Game, all the participants had come from different backgrounds and districts and we lived as a big community as if in real life. Only this time we were all born Christians. We had lots of real life related activities that needed to attend to, as well as going to church, joining cell group and devotion. In fact we lived a hectic life at the camp. How then could we find time to do mission and to spread the gospel to the world?

Through this Mission Game, I learned how to “make time”to implement the Great commission of our Lord. Through the activities, I realized that I had been “blind” and “busy” in my life. I never shared the gospel to people around me. I never dared to approach them or tell them about Christ. I often talked a lot of nonsense but not the everlasting proverbs.

Through this camp, we were shown four reasons for our fear.

F——Friendship lost: We fear that if we share our faith with friends, they might not befriend with us anymore.

E——Embarrassment: We fear that others might regard us talking nonsense and we would be very awkward.

A——Answering questions: We fear that we won’t be able to answer what they might ask.

R——Rejection: We don’t like the feeling of being rejected.

The pastor explained to us that if we did not tell our friends about Jesus, we won’t meet again in heaven.

Won’t this be more painful and sad? If we feel embarrassed about telling others about Jesus, we need to reflect on this matter because we are in fact embarrassed about the gospel.

If there are questions we do not know how to answer, do not debate over it but thank them for taking an interest in the matter and you are willing to find out more and give them the answer later on.

If we are being rejected when sharing about Christ with others, they are rejecting Christ, not us! We are just messengers or postmen of Jesus. Delivering the message is our responsibility, as for the response, to believe or not, leave it to the Holy Spirit. If we do not tell them at all, we are actually making a decision for them. If we think that Jesus would not return so soon and delay delivering the message, these people would have wasted their lives and gone not knowing the gospel.

I found myself in a remorseful situation while playing a game: I was busy with my job and one day my long-time colleague met with an accident and died. I was shocked and I cried out to God, “Oh God, he had not known you and your salvation!” This Mission game brought me this great realization.

This camp helped me. I learned how to face my fears and how to share the gospel in a friendly-oriented manner.

Time waits for no one and we have to take every opportunity to share the gospel. Find a prayer partner to battle with you and make haste! It is an Urgent Mission. Be prepared and equipped to share it!

Written by Tiong Ming (SMPC, Miri)
Translated by Christina
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