FAITHjourney: Attending Disciple Class INTO THE DEEP

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First of all, I would like to thank our teachers, Rev Lenita Tiong, Sis Mui Foon, Sis Annie and Brother Alfred for teaching us the Disciple Class.

Before I retired I always said that I had no time for many activities besides work. We all have no time to spare. But I say to you, when you retire actually you will become busier. Actually before I retired I was able to at least read through the whole Bible twice a year!! Not long after I retired I realized that I did not even have enough time to read through the Bible in one whole year!

Finally, I registered for the class because I wanted to know more and learn more about the Bible. Although I have read the Bible many times in the past years, as I made it a point to read through the Bible at least once, every year, this Disciple Class brought me through 80% of the Bible, blessing me with a lot of information and new knowledge.

Our teachers gave us a good grounding of the happenings in the Bible, events, situations, consequences etc helping us to have a deeper knowledge, e.g. to whom were these Gospels written? I learned about the Persian Rule in the Old Testament, the Greek and Roman Empires too and so many other amazing facts.

I will treasure the last lesson (lesson 34) as I realized the real meaning of “salt of the covenant”, mentioned in Leviticus 2:11-16. I was enriched by the knowledge found on how can we relate this to Jesus Christ.

We can find so many revelations during the Disciple Class. Bible knowledge to many of us mean “come and listen to the Bible and faith means receiving faith by hearing the word of God”. In our Disciple class we studied the book of Hebrews and we learned that it is through faith, we please HIM and we will be rewarded.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, it is different from just listening to the Bible verses read out by others, for real teaching as experienced in the Disciple Class, is so much better. For during the classes we have two way communication. Every Tuesday we have fixed time, we become disciplined learners.

I am so blessed because of the opportunity to attend Disciple Class. Praise and Glory be to God.

By Irean Pui, Agape Grace Methodist Preaching Centre, Miri
(Testimony given during a Sunday Service at AGMPC, Miri.)
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