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Many of us try to be quiet in our work place. For many believe that if you work quietly you can get more things done and many people will like you too.

On the other hand, many would just try to make a lot of noise and get the attention of the higher ups.

These are the ones who have also been described as people “who fall over each other to be seen and heard and get promoted at work and in their endeavor to ‘achieve’ and be successful”.

Our Scriptures remind us “There is a time for silence and a time to speak.”

To some people silence may cover up some bad characteristics like cowardice, ambition, etc. as a friend often quote, “Still water runs deep.”

And often silence covers up besides a weakness of character but also political and social indifference. The wrong kind of silence may have grave consequences.

Once a friend was in a quagmire at work and she needed some support from her friends to speak up. During the heads of department meeting, no one spoke up to defend her and she suffered from a loss of face which she could not recover for a long time. Finally she decided to become only a part time staff. She also suffered financially.

Several years the truth surfaced for someone found out what actually happened and that she was not in the wrong. And In fact, it was found out that the company’s loss of financial stability was caused by those who remained silent and those who did not support her stand.

However, she had moved on and she forgave the company she worked with. Today, she is very highly placed in her new company, in another town. God blessed her with more than she expected.

There are many occasions in our lives when we are expected to speak up and we are tested in our values.

Are we able to break the silence and stand up for our friends who need our support? Or do we sling away quietly and let our friends suffer from injustice?

by Chang YI
Agapa Grace Methodist Preaching Centre, Miri
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