42nd SCAC: Bishop Ong: A visible world versus invisible promises

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The opening service of the 42nd SCAC Annual Conference was held on 21 November, 9:30am at Wei Kok Hall, Sibu.

The Bishop of the Methodist Church in Malaysia, Bishop Ong Hwai Teik, the president of SCAC, President Tie King Tai, pastors and delegates of Sarawak’s Chinese Methodist churches, preaching centres and various committees gathered together for this conference. The theme of the opening service was “Glorious Church”. Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church, and the Church is the Body of Christ.

Bishop Ong preached a sermon from Genesis 50:15-21, with the main focus on the life of Joseph. Joseph was an example of someone who started well in his early life. However, between 17-30 years of his life, he experienced difficult times. Yet, he was a beacon of light in the darkest of times which was only possible because of his secret sacred relationship with God.

The Bishop encouraged us to remember we are living in a reality of a visible world versus invisible promises. Joseph was torn by these opposite realities. He received dreams from God and yet, his bad circumstances seemed to be the opposite of those dreams. Finally, Joseph realised that God’s purpose did work out because God is sovereign and omnipotent.

In his conclusion, the Bishop urged us that although right now, things that we can see may not go well with what we want to be or to have. Yet, we have to remember God is sovereign and omnipotent. God would still reign supreme.

After the Bishop’s sermon, the service ended with Holy Communion.

Rev Candy Liong, Faith Methodist Church, Kuching