42nd SCAC: 7 Plus 7 Rev Tie: Be a Shepherd after God’s Own Heart’s Desire

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“King David can be a King because he obeyed God’s words; he is a man of God’s own heart. Therefore, we shepherds should listen to God, to be a shepherd after God’s own heart,” Rev Tie implored at the Ordination Workshop which took place at 7.15 p.m. on 21st Nov. at Masland Methodist Church. It was part of 42nd Session of Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference from 21 to 23 Nov 2017.

Seven pastors were ordained as Deacons and one as Local Deacon. They were Samuel Ung Sing Hing, Chee Ling Nan, Ling Tiong Cheng, Kiew Toh Wei, Jonathan Lau Puong Fuang, Ngu Hung Seng, Yeu Chin Thai, and Ngu King Chee. At the same time, seven others were ordained as Elders, namely: Simon Kong Chung Chee, Jacqueline Yeu Hie Hie, Beatrice Tiong Hie Yii, Ngu Teck Tiong, Lim Soon Khai, Lau Ong Heng and Sia Pik Hao.

During the Ordination Service, the President of SCAC Rev Dr Tie King Tai elaborated on how to be “a shepherd after God’s own heart”.

The message, taken from Mark 12:29-31, said, “Jesus answered: The first is, ‘Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is one; Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this,’ You shall love your neighbour as oneself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”

Pray and Read the Bible
Rev Tie believed that to be a shepherd after God’s own heart, firstly, one must love God with ALL YOUR HEART, ALL YOUR SOUL, ALL YOUR MIND AND ALL YOUR STRENGTH. To do this one has to pray ceaselessly. Pray in the early morning, fasting and listing names to be prayed for.” If one claims that he loves God, it is impossible not to pray. Without praying one can’t talk to God, how then would one communicate with God? Nowadays, many pastors complain that the congregations do not pray. Do pastors look at ourselves and examine ourselves? It is often said that “like pastors like congregation”. Could it be that we pastors have not been a good exemple for our congregation?

The next characteristic is read the Bible. One should not only do speed reading, but also in-depth studies and meditate as well. “The Bible is like a love letter to you. If you love God, you will read His words over and over again,” Rev Tie claimed. He quoted his own experience when he was courting his wife. He would affectionately read many times the love letters sent by his wife. Likewise, we should have the same passion and affection with God’s words. If we profess that we love God, this should undeniably be our response.

On the other hand, loving others is another way of showing that we are after God’s own heart. Rev Tie exhorted to all pastors to love his fellow believers. They should spend time to do visitations, fellowship and preaching the words of God. Besides that, we should love the unbelievers as well. We need to make friends with them and then bring them to the Lord. Pastors should be the leaders in evangelization and make a point in doing so. This is because evangelization is only needed when we are on earth. For Rev Tie himself, he has made it a point to evangelize through all his sermons.

As for preaching, Rev Tie encouraged all the pastors prepare all their sermon messages well and to expound faithfully the words of God. “We have only one chance a week to minister to our congregation who are so obediently ready to be fed. If one is not gifted in this aspect, then do more visitations with diligence. With such effort, the congregation will render more understanding toward us. “

In conclusion, Rev Tie stressed that a shepherd after God’s own heart will not only be pleasing to God but will also be loved by men. He urged all pastors to: pray more, God will award you and people will respect you; read the Bible more, God will bless you and people will listen to you; care for others more, God will be happy and people will care for you in return; preach well, God is happy and people will love you; do more visitations, God will use you and people will be more forgiving; evangelize more, God will be pleased and people will thank you.

Reported by April
Translated by Christina
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