42nd SCAC: Remembering Rev Alopen Liu

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“Rev Alopen Liu Hui Tak was a very caring person, very passionate in his work and faithful to the church. His wife worked along with him as his great helper, setting a good example for others to emulate,” stated Rev Tie King Tai, the President of SCAC, when paying tribute to the late Rev Liu.

The Memorial service for Rev Alopen Liu Hui Tak started in the afternoon on the 2nd day of the 42nd Session of SCAC Annual Conference.

Rev Tie quoted Hebrew 13:7 to encourage the participants to remember our leaders who spoke the words of God to us; considering the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith. He said that Rev Liu left us with good legacies. He genuinely cared for people, not only his own parish but others as well; His passion and dedication to the church remained zealous; He was diligent in raising fund for church constructions locally as well as abroad; He was very concerned with the passing down of the faith from generation to generation.

Last but not least, Rev Tie also encouraged us to emulate Rev Liu’s devotion to his calling. He was full hearted in all his undertakings. He was faithful to the church until his last breath. He also worked hand in hand with his wife, serving the church together. Both of them have demonstrated a beautiful virtue of two hearts as one.

Reported by April
Translated by Christina