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21/07/2017: 2 in 1 Celebration: Parents’ Day and Birthday Celebrations. MTS community and their parents were invited to join these celebrations.

20-29/07/2017: MTS participated in the Borneo Cultural Festival. We set up a booth with the theme “Stations in Life”.

11/08/2017: MTS Night, Shern En Methodist Church, Sabah. Speaker: Rev. Thomas Lau Sie Ngiu.

13/08/2017, Shern En Methodist Church: Dedication Camp: Rev. Ling Heu Uh, Rev. Chin En Ping and Rev. Esther Lu, shared their experiences being a pastor.

14-15/08/2017: Faculty members had a fruitful visit to Maktab Teologi Sabah and Sabah Theological Seminary.

15/09/2017: MTS held a national flag raising ceremony at 7.45am.

05/10/2017: The student from Worship & Music Program, Ms. Cornie Ho (middle front row)held her Graduation Recital at Wesley Methodist Church.

12/10/2017: Interactive Forum: “Can I attend my LGBTQ friend’s wedding? – a response to LGBTQ”. The speaker was Rev. Dr. Khoo Ho Peng.

19/10/2017: 3rd year students from Worship & Music Program, Ms. Jane Tie Sing Yu and Mr. Robert Tiong Ho Loong held their Junior Recital at MTS Chapel.

Year-end Foreign Missions Trip, Thailand
06-15/11/ 2017: Led by Rev. Dr. Lu Chen Tiong

Year-end Foreign Missions Trip, Pontianak
07-16/11/2017: Led by Rev. Dr. Khoo Ho Peng

The 12th Batch STMS College Graduation Service
Date: 25th August 2017
Venue: Wesley Methodist
Church, Sibu

Graduation Thanksgiving Lunch
Date: 28th October 2017
Venue: Paramount Hotel, Sibu

Annual Dialogue between Board members and Student Body

The MTS Board of Management 2017-2020
Chairman: Rev. Dr. Tie King Tai (SCAC President)
Vice Chairman: Rev. Dr. Hii Kong Hock (SPAC President)
Secretary: Mr. James Lau Pan Yeu
Assistant Secretary: Mr. Ingai Achot
Treasurer: Mr. John Ting Sik Kang
From SCAC: Rev. Kong Chong Ling, Rev. Dr. Grace Wong Poh Sing, Rev. Dr. Wong Kah Nguon, Rev. Diong Pick Chiong, Mr. Hii Chang Kee.
From SIAC: Rev. Steward Damat Mambang
(SIAC President), Rev. James Puang, Rev.
Juyah Mabut, Rev. Lawi Kulih, Mr. Ali Sebau,
Mr. Richmond Nyaring, Mr. Jefri Ngalambai.
From SPAC: Rev. Ling Heu Uh, Mr. Yong
Siong Mew, Mr. Lau Kiing Ho.
Ex-officio: Rev. Dr. Ong Hwai Teik (Bishop),
Rev. Dr. Khoo Ho Peng (MTS Principal).
Honorary: Mr. Hii Ching Giu

19th MTS Graduation Service (since the reopening of Degree Courses)
Date: 28th October 2017
Venue: Masland Methodist Church, Sibu
Total number of graduates for 2017: 34
(5 M. Min; 4 M. Div.; 2 M. Div. major in Missiology; 3 B.D.; 2 B. Th.; 1 B.Th. major in Missiology; 1 B.A., 5 Dip. Th., 1 L. Th. & 1 L. Th. major in Missiology; 1 CWME; 3 CCS; 5 DCS)