HOMEnews: Tudan Learning Centre For the Needy Children with No Nationalities

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Tudan Methodist Church in Miri had set up the Tudan Learning Centre in 2014, in the hope of assisting needy children including those who have no nationality and are unable to receive formal education in the Tudan vicinity.

The Chairman of Tudan Learning Centre, Mr Yan Sheng Zhong, expressed that the residents of Tudan area are mostly resettled by the government from the slum areas. Most of them are from the low income group. They are not only poor, many are living below poverty levels . The most worrying problem is many indigenous families, owing to various reasons, still do not have identity cards or birth certificates. Thus, these children cannot enter any formal government schools for any education.

Since Tudan Methodist Church was erected here in 2011, the church has realized the need to venture into relevant social concern ministry so as to improve their future living standard. To reach that end, education is an indispensable factor along with spirituality. In fact, 99% of the church members are from this native community. Their financial ability is limited. In faith, the Learning Centre was set up in 2014, opening up a way for these underprivileged children.

At present, there are eight qualified full time kindergarten teachers teaching about 70 children aged from 4-6. While educating them, the church is also helping children with no Identity cards to get them through proper channels. A few over-aged children, whose applications are yet to be granted, are still learning at the Centre.

Mr Yan Sheng Zhong further stated that the Centre is using “Montessori Education” Pre-school Program. The Centre also provides food for the poor children so that they can grow up well.

In the past, the Centre was a half day school operating from 8am-12noon. The Board of Directors later discovered that these children had nowhere to go after school. They were loitering around. Some even became scavengers among the rubbish dumps as they had no food to eat. The directors deeply felt that it is the church’s responsibility to bring education and wellbeing to these needy children. Commencing from April 2017, the Centre adopted a full-time program and prolonged the school hours to 4:30pm. Thus, the children are now provided with an extra meal and extra Bible lessons and living skills activities are given during the afternoon session to provide a more holistic education.

Mr Yan said that providing education is not an easy task; providing education to the poor is an even greater challenge. With the Centre venturing into a full-time program, the expenses will undoubtedly greatly be increased. He hopes that brothers and sisters-in-Christ will participate in the ‘Adoption Program’ to share the burden of giving these children a better future!

Adoption Program
The yearly expenditure of the Centre is estimated at RM200,000, with an average of RM250 per person per month. This monthly expense is inclusive of food, lesson materials, salaries of the teachers and the school bus driver. The children are paying RM 25.00 each month. Even so, many still cannot afford it.

Thus, the Board of Directors invites everyone who is touched to share the burden of caring and educating these children by adopting a child per month. This adoption pledge starts from July 2017 to June 2018. If you are willing you can adopt more than one, on a yearly basic. The Board will send you details of the child you have adopted for sponsorship. You can also give presents and encouragement to the child on birthdays and also during their school term exams. You can pray for them as well.

If You Are Moved
If you are moved to join this program, please contact Mr. Wong Kung Kui (hp no.: 013-8213779), the LCEC Chairman of Tudan Methodist Church as well as the treasurer of the Board of Directors of the Tudan Learning Centre, for details and proper procedures.

If you wish to give on one-time basis, it will be RM3000 per year; or you can give RM1000 quarterly or RM250 a month. The name and bank account number of this program is Gereja Methodist Tudan Miri 2, PBB A/C: 318-622-2701, and please send your receipts via whatsapp to Mr Wong Kung Kui.

May we all pray and give while we can so that these children will have a better future!

By Rev Nicholas Ting
Pastor-in-charge of Tudan Methodist Church,
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