President’s Itinerary: October

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Oct 1
Preach at 90th Anniversary
Thanksgiving Service of Siong
Ing MC, Sebauh

Oct 3
BM Ministry Seminar at MCP

Oct 6
Board of Youth meeting
Bintangor District Conference

Oct 7
Graduation Service of Senior Learning at Central Region
MPI BOM meeting
Christian Evangelical group outreach to Bahagia MC

Oct 8
Sibu West District Conference/Preach at Tien Tao MC

Oct 9
Kapit District Conference

Oct 10
Board of Family Wellness and Counselling meeting

Oct 11
Board of Worship and Music meeting
Board of Evangelism meeting

Oct 14
Kuching East and West Districts’ Conferences
KCH East District MAF combined gathering

Oct 15
Preach in Trinity MC

Oct 16-19
Lubok Antu long house

Oct 20
Commission on Ministry of Bintulu District
Bintulu District Conference

Oct 21
Miri District Conference
Marriage Convenant Service of Gan En MC

Oct 22
30th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service of Gan En MC

Oct 23
Interview with Preparatory members

Oct 24-27
Boards’ meetings

Oct 27
MTS board members dialogue with students
MTS BOM meeting

Oct 28
Preach in MTS Graduation service

Oct 29
Preach in Tien En MC
Dedication Service of Shiuan Daw MC Education Building

Oct 30-31
Personal Retreat

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