EXHORTATION: The Incomparable Christ — Hebrew 2: 2-14

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WE want to compare. We compare with other people to see who is richer, who is more capable and more powerful. We feel happy when we win and we feel sad and uncomfortable when we lose in our comparison. As a result, the comparison is going on in any time and in anywhere.

People of all ages tend to compare. But so far no heroes in history can even begin to compare with Jesus Christ. No one’s character can compare to Christ’s character. No one’s ministry can compare to Christ’s ministry. He is incomparable.

The author of the book of Hebrew affirmed the incomparable nature of Jesus Christ. Throughout the epistle Christ is seen to be above the angels, superior to Moses, better than the priests in the Old Testament, and the ultimate sacrifice for sin. The author begins the epistle by affirming the absolute supremacy of Jesus Christ. So if we truly want to compare, we must compare with Jesus and then learn from Him so that we can grow to be more like Him.

Our world really needs to examine closely the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. In only two short Bible verses we may see four traits in which Jesus is incomparable.

1) Jesus Christ is the Creator of the world.
Many ideas have been proposed about the creation of the world. People have always asked the question: “How did the world begin?” Different answers have been given. Some people say the world and the human race evolved over millions of years. Other people say the world and the human race came as a result of gigantic cosmic exploration. But no idea has surpassed God’s answer: “In the beginning God created.” (Gen 1: 1)

When we read the Bible, it clearly teaches us that God/Jesus is the Creator of the world…through whom He made the universe.” (Heb 1: 2) The use of the word “universe” implies everything in time and space. Every single part of the created order has been designed by Jesus Chrsit, whether atoms, rivers, stars, or human bodies and others. There is nothing created which has not been the handiwork of God.

Human beings have constructed great buildings. They have designed sculptures and painted pictures. Human beings have made great works of human ingenuity, but none compares to Christ’s creation of the universe.

2) Jesus Christ is the Revealer of the Father.
Another question of the human race is “what is God like?” instead of looking at the biblical revelation of God, people use their own speculation to think of God. Consequently, such erroneous ideas of God as a raging tyrant, a benevolent grand-father, and even a capricious deity have been emerged. These human speculations have not given a true picture of what God is like.

The Bible teaches plainly that Jesus is the revealer of the Father’s nature. “The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of His being.” (Heb 1: 3) these words tell much about the Christ. The word “being” expresses essential being of the Father. And “exact representation” refers to His character. The Son’s character is exactly like the character of His Father. So if we wish to know what God is like, we just look at Jesus. He is the full revealer of the Father.

3) Jesus Christ is the Sustainer of God’s creation.
Numerous theories exist about how things on earth are kept and proceed. Some people think there is a predetermination in the ways of the earth; that is, human choice has little to do with the outcomes of life. Other people think there is a fortuitous chance of life, that events and affairs of human beings exist and happen without the control of anyone. The question “Who is in control of this earth” is a legitimate one.

The Bible says “Jesus Christ is the sustainer of the human existence” has a two-fold usage. On the one hand, Jesus upholds the world by His great sovereignty. If it were not for the sustaining providence of God, everything would collapse into non-existence. On the other hand, “sustaining” may be used in the context of movement; He moves the world to its logical conclusion. The lyrics of an old folk song express the idea of God’s sovereignty: “He has got the whole world in His hands.” While world affairs might seem at times to be out of control, the Bible affirms that Jesus Christ is the ultimate sustainer of creation.

4) Jesus Christ is the purger of sins.
Many attempts have been made to dispense with the guilt of sins. The history of the human race is the history of an attempt to eradicate guilt. Some people seek to eliminate guilt by rationalizing. They explain away the reality of sin by making it a “social disease”, or “psychological maladjustment”. Other people try to cover their sins by performing good deeds. Even religious people perform religious acts to purge their sins.

Only Jesus can rid a person’s guilt. Hebrew 1: 3 says, “After He had provided purification for sins, He sat down at the right hand of the mighty in heaven.” Through His atoning death on the cross, Jesus did what no priest or sacrifice could do. He made the absolute unique offering for sin. He is the incomparable Christ.

People are always comparing one person with another. They say one quarterback or running back is better than another. People even compare preachers. Try to compare someone with Christ; the author of Hebrew did. He compared Jesus with Moses, the priests in the Old Testament, and the angels. The conclusion is that no one and nothing can compare to Jesus Christ. He is incomparable.

By Bishop Emeritus Peter Chuo
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