Sarawakian Localights: RAMBING

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Rambing or andu or perhaps by other names, can be found easily in the jungles. Today many farmers have started to cultivate it as market garden vegetable, supplying to local wet markets or tamu frequented by indigenous as well as non indigenous people who like the vegetable.

It is called rambing in Iban because the plant has tendrils which climb all over the garden.

Many urban residents also grow this vegetable in their backyard.

In the longhouses and kampongs, housewives often just go out and cut a few stalks for their evening meals, or they bring back a basket of it from their farms.

The vegetable is very tender and easily cooked as a stir fry. You can also add prawns or even meat to it. Usually it is fried with ikan bilis and onions. It is a very sweet vegetable. Since it can be easily cultivated and easily available, it has become a popular dish in smaller restaurants and ethnic eateries. It also makes a good soup.

Interestingly, the rambing or andu fruit, which is star shaped is a favoured tattoo motive. This tattoo motive is usually placed at the back of the thigh. It is believed by many that this motive will give the traveler or wanderer a lot of confidence. No matter how far he travels from his home, he would have enough to eat and make a good living.

By Changyi
Agape Grace Methodist Preaching Centre, Miri
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