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This year, MTS annual event – Missions Awareness Week was held from February 20th to 26th, 2017. All the lecturers and students gathered at Wesley Methodist Church for a 3-day training before going out to different places for field work. The theme for this year is “The Local Challenge”.

We invited 3 speakers from The Global Hakka Evangelism Association to share with us the challenge of the Hakka ministry, so that all the participants are better equipped before they go for field work. We thank all the pastors, leaders and church members for their hospitality and loving care during our stay with them.

Family Groups Local Churches
Rev. Dr. Khoo Ho Peng’s Family Group Tien En MethOdist Church
Rev. Dr. Angela Ting’s Family Group Cho Fu Methodist Church & Fu Ling Methodist Church
Pastor Ling Tiong Cheng’s Family Group Sing Kwong Methodist Church
Rev. Paul Ting’s Family Group Chin Seng Methodist Church
Rev. Thomas Lau’s Family Group Gereja Methodist Siburan
Rev. Dr. Lu Chen Tiong’s Family Group Asajaya Preaching Centre
Miss Irene Lai’s Family Group Tarat Methodist Church
Rev. Dr. Ling Tung King’s Family Group Matang Methodist Church & Malihah Methodist Church
Miss Cecilia Ting’s Family Group Petra Methodist Church & Siniawan Methodist Church
Rev. Dr. Francis Wong’s Family Group Zhu En Methodist Church
Rev. Hoo Sing Hang’s Family Group Siong Tau MC & Lundu Methodist Preaching Centre
Rev. Lembai’s Family Group Pakan Area, Sarikei District
Rev. Enjut & Rev. Ningkan’s Family Groups Song Area, Kapit District
Rev. Ningkan’s Family Groups Tada,Nanga Dap & Rantau Dilang Area





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