President’s Itinerary May

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May 1
LCEC and Fellowship com Retreat of Tien Tao MC

May 2
Commission on Ministry meeting of Sibu West D

May 5
Preach at MAF Ching Ang MC
May 6
Christian Evangelical Group outreach to Bahagia MC

May 7
Ground Breaking Service of Huai En MC, preach at Grace MC
May 8
Basketball match at MY Centre

May 10
Pastors, Lay Leaders and various commission Retreat of Sibu West D.; Parents’ Day dinner of Hin Hua Association

May 12
Special talk at MYF of Xin Fu Yuan MC

May 13
Teachers’ Appreciation Lunch of Com on Edu and Christian Edu of Sibu West D.

May 16
Board of Worship and Music meeting; Board of Family and Wellness meeting

May 19-21
Revival meeting at Chin Fu MC

May 24
Lecture at Senior Learning Centre

May 26-28
Marriage Enrichment Retreat

May 29
Hakka Gospel Motivational Rally in Kuching

May 31
SCAC MJYF General meeting

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