Prayer United

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Prayer United was given birth at its first meeting on 5 July 2012 with two objectives: to set up a united prayer movement for the whole church in Malaysia to coordinate prayer and to enhance unity among Christians; to challenge the whole church to pray together for the transformation of society and nation.

As Rev Hwa Yung, the chairman of PU put it: “Revivals are not based on organisation but movement.” PU is thus a fellowship of willing participants coming together for prayer, and not an organisation with rigid rules which all have to live by.

There are at present 18 member networks: Council of Churches of Malaysia, NECF Malaysia, Methodist Church in Malaysia, Anglican Diocese-West Malaysia, Anglican Diocese-Kuching, Assemblies of God, BEM Sabah, BEM Sarawak, BEM Semenanjung, Basel Church (BCCM), Protestant Church of Sabah (PCS), Lutheran Church of Malaysia, Gereja Presbyterian Malaysia, Sabah Pastors’ Fellowship, Kuching Ministers’ Fellowship, MNPN, Prayer United Penang and 24/7 Prayer Malaysia.

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