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Rev. Alopen Liu is at rest and in the arms of our Lord in the morning of January 29, 2017.

The encoffin service, conducted by Rev Tiong Chung Ting, the DS of the Sibu North District, was held at the Sibu General Hospital Mortuary on January 31.

The memorial service for him was held at the Zion Methodist Church. Rev. Tiong shared the message, “The existence of any life is by no means accidental. Everyone, you, me or Rev Liu is a masterpiece of God and is good in his/her own way. The sublimation of life happens when we are saved and given a new life by the salvation of Jesus Christ our Lord. Rev. Liu’s presence is thus no accident. God placed Rev. Liu here with a certain purpose.”

Rev Tiong related also, “Rev. Liu’s grandfather was a pastor who influenced Rev Liu since young and brought him to Christ. Subsequently he followed his grandfather’s footstep by becoming a full-time pastor.”

“Life is a mission and also an entrustment; many people know about living, but do not know about life, in this case life is meaningless.”

Rev. Liu joined the Alliance Bible Seminary, Hong Kong in 1973. After his graduation in 1977, he served with Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference until he opted for early retirement in 2015 due to cardiac problems. By then he had served 37 years and 5 ½ months. For two years after his retirement, he continued to serve voluntarily in visitation and mercy ministry, helping the needy and also strengthening ties among retired pastors.

Rev. Liu also served as the Chairman of the Board of Archives and History for eight years (2008-2016). The most important event under his chairmanship was the supervision of the construction of the Methodist Heritage Gallery at Kwong Hua, Sibu. The Gallery was officially opened on February 28, 2010. So far nearly 4,000 visitors from all over the world have visited the place. The Gallery is considered “the first church-style museum of the Methodist Church of Malaysia”.

Rev. Tiong described Rev. Liu as a pastor for congregation of all age spans and had a unique gift in fundraising and mercy ministry. Incredibly he helped in the fund-raising for the building of over 20 churches. He even helped raising funds for some of the churches in China.

Rev. Liu had been upholding the teachings and spirit that he was taught at the seminary in all these years, i.e. to explore, be fervent and work hard until he breathed his last.

By the grace of God, Rev and Mrs. Liu have five daughters. Rev. Liu used to say that other people may have “five golden flowers” but he had “six golden flowers” in his family including his beloved wife. During his memorial service, his five daughters sang a hymn for him that touched the congregation.
Reported by April
Translated by KT Chew

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