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The Annual Christmas Gathering for the GMC Ladies Groups was held on 15 Nov and it was such a joy and encouragement to see the sisters of different background and ages coming together to celebrate their lives.

The Ladies Group at GMC started in the early 90s when a group of young mothers decided to get together to support one another with God’s Word and prayer. From a group, there are now 5 groups.

The groups under the leadership of Jessie Chan and Alicia Low meet on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. These groups have been meeting regularly for the past few years.

Jocelyn Goh who has been in this church for many years shares :
I have been joining the family small group with Alex since the children were young every Friday evening. Now that they have left home to further studies, I still continue with the weekly Friday bible study. I was invited to join the ladies group on Tuesday morning by Evelyn Chan. Since I am not working and free most days, I decided to join. I am amazed by the talents of the ladies with their cooking, baking, sewing and handicraft. I learned a lot from them.

I am also blessed to see a number of ladies being baptised this year and some confirmed and committed to the Lord. It is my utmost pleasure to see them growing and maturing in the Lord through the study of God’s word each week as we meet and sometimes sharing of our skills and having lots of fun as well.

An hour or so Sunday worship service in the church weekly does not give us sufficient time to get to know people and be connected. I would encourage you to join a small group where we can get to know people through regular meeting in smaller group context. Last of all, I am much blessed and my life enriched through knowing the ladies in the small group.

Ko Lian Siew who has been in Jessie’s group for a while shared her journey from a seeker to a follower.

Last year, we started the Grace English Ministry (GEM) which is an English learning group. Many who came to us last year could barely string a sentence together and so it was such a joy to see many of them attempt to share in English.

Angela Wong share thus :
I am a professional Unit trust consultant and a mother of three. First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my niece-in-law, Rose Yaw who recommended me to attend this class.

After I joined the class, my English improved a lot, I learnt about phonics, Grammar and a lot of vocabulary. Besides this, I truly enjoy those Christian songs and stories that were taught in the class. Last but not least, I got the chance to make friends with all of you and enjoy the delicious food together after class. I look forward to more new friends to join us and we can share and learn together.

After we started the worship service at Jalan Airport in March, the ladies there gathered together under the leadership of Maggie Chan to support one another. A very new member to the group and to our church, Theresa Pui was overwhelmed by the love and fun that morning.

This morning gathering was awesome as the room was packed with awesome people! Felt so much love there, very encouraged to see the GEM group, learning English and at the same time, learning about Christ! That’s a great way to impact others for Christ. Keep up the good works ladies, keep the fire burning and burning brighter for Christ!

Not forgetting the wonderful food! To God be the Glory, Amen!!

Another sister from the same group, Stephanie Ho who is a new member to our church was also amazed at the worship, food and fellowship. She shared her own journey of growth in the last few months. (see below)
Lin Su See leads another group of ladies who are more proficient in Mandarin in a Chinese Bible Study group and the sisters who came also shared in English. Each of them were transformed as they encounter the Living Word.

As I sat and listened to these dear sisters share their lives, I was just humbled that God brought them into my life and my life is so much richer and blessed because of this family! To God be the Glory.
By Lenita Tiong
Grace Methodist Church, Miri

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