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I was born and raised in Muar, a small city in Johor. From a family of non-believer, including any other far and close relatives. Christianity was not as common back there. While in school in a classroom of 40/50 there was only one Christian. Many temples around the city but with only one church at downtown near the river as I can remember.

I choose and plan to live my life as simple as I could with just small dreams and whims. I am easily contented and satisfied. Everything was just and seemed to be just smooth going and plain sailing. Religion seemed optional; there was no urge for me to believe or follow any faith.

I have only come to know about Christ and the Christian life when I married and came to Sarawak 20 years ago where most in-laws and office colleagues are of Christian background. Nonetheless I let many opportunities for any religion awakening lapse as I was so used to my perception towards religion. At the same time, I was too busy trying to raise my children and keeping my career.

In 2011, I was invited by chance to the Alpha class organized by this church. I was a housewife at that time with no other agenda after sending kids off to school. I sort of hesitated at first as I knew I had no intention to make myself busier unnecessarily. My time was so preciously reserved for my family and I would rather spend time to improve my cooking skills. But there seemed no excuses for me to reject the invitation. The Alpha class had all the things that I wish to know; the questions I had about Christianity and the fear of asking some of these questions.

After the class, there was a series of cooking demonstration and it was from then that I started to be involved with the group. I also got to know sister Jessie Chan and others.

There was no dramatic changes in me after months as I had wished and expected. Learning and moving on from scratch, it was a comfortable and acceptable for me to grow with the group. I am a very slow learner in letting my faith grow even a tiny bit. But as years go by, I felt kind of grateful to discover my own selflessness; I took pleasure in the happiness of others, value less of my own time and also learning to forgive. Recalling my plain sailing life back then, it was actually God’s blessing in disguise. I am amazed by God’s grace and forgiveness, as He is watching over and moulding me into a better follower of Christ. He is showing me what it is to call a real life contentment.

I was baptized in September last year with my daughter. Thank you God.
Ko Lian Siew, GMC, Miri

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