LIVING: LOST in a Concrete Jungle

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For seniors getting lost in any place is a daunting experience. And I am definitely one who has anxiety attacks, especially when driving alone and getting lost in a concrete jungle – where all the roofs are blue, houses painted white and all the lanes and roads have strange names.

I do not have the blessing of having a GPS to guide me. For a long time now, I am only used to driving to familiar places, as people say, from A to B.

Recently I was given an assignment to photograph a church in an area unfamiliar to me. My “boss” had told me, it is very easy to find. Just drive to the big pink school there and the church is right behind the school.

Well I drove “there” and had a panic attack. I was really lost for I did not expect the area to be so huge with the same roofs, the same walls and no big signage to help the lost traveler.

I decided to call for help. And God was merciful I had the mobile contact of another pastor who wisely gave me the contact numbers of the church pastor and the church office just in case. It also dawned on me then, in a lucid moment, the church pastor was not living at that particular church parsonage but at another place.

I calmed myself and called the Church office.

Madam Wang, the admin, was so kind as to give me simple and specific directions. She sounded as if she had received many “HELP” phone calls before and put me at ease immediately. The patience and kindness in her voice helped me forget my distraught and embarrassment, find the path amidst the confusion a person would have when every road and every building looked the same.
For people who have been living in their comfort zones all their lives they would not understand that when one is lost at sea, or in a jungle, one’s mind would play havoc. Only a person who had the same experiences would understand.

When I arrived, Madam Wang was already at the door to welcome me, with keys in her hand and a big smile on her face.

Then she led me into the church and this awesome sight was waiting for me. She had already switched on the lights for me to photograph the front part of the sanctuary, where there was an awesome cross. She also added that she had only switched on some of the lights and would I approve of the lighting!!

It was perfect for the illuminated Cross was truly God telling me, “My child you are safe now.”

That amazing sight I truly believe would be the “quiet voice” which brings many a new believer nearer to our Heavenly Father.

In our ordinary lives, we truly need sign posts, guidance and angels unaware. May the Cross call you and guide you always.

by Changyi

Grace Methodist Church, Miri

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