SERVING: He dared to ask from God

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“O Lord, give me ten percent,” a brother in Christ said in his heart as he handed out the flyers on the BM Fellowship in Boulevard Shopping Mall.

When there were no more employees coming out of the building for their rest hour or dinner, we went up to the third floor for the BM Fellowship.

“How many did we distribute?” he asked.

“33. We have 3 left,” I replied. I had printed 36 flyers; 6 pieces on one A4 sheet of paper.

“I asked for ten percent from God,” he told me.

I took little notice of it until the following Saturday when three new Boulevard employees came for our Fellowship. For a long time, we had not had new people coming. In fact, our numbers fluctuated so much and dwindled to as little as four Boulevard employees at one point.

Suddenly I remember my brother’s prayer. At the end of the Fellowship, I went to him and said, “God answered your prayer. You asked for ten percent and three came.”

On Sunday, I told Rev Pau this incident after the Sunday service. “He dared to ask from God. He asked for ten percent, and God brought ten percent,” I said.

When I gave out the flyers, my prayer was: Lord, help them to come to the Fellowship and find a place to worship you. I dared not ask for something specific. Me of little faith.

One or two Saturdays of Fellowship passed. One day, I decided, I will also ask from God for Benny (pseudonym) to come back to the BM Fellowship. He had come regularly when his co-worker was around. His co-worker left to join the military service around Gawai, and he also “left” the Fellowship.

One Saturday passed, no Benny. “Hm, God?,” I thought to myself. Another Saturday passed, still no Benny. “Oh well, I’m used to unanswered prayers.” The third Saturday, Benny walked in through the door.

“Oh Lord, you heard my prayer. I dared to ask and you heard,” I cried out to God.

I told my brother in Christ after the Fellowship later, “I learnt from you to dare to ask from God.”

So I tried an experiment. I prayed for another Fellowship member to come back. She must have left us for more than six months already.

Wow, that Saturday itself Samantha (pseudonym) walked in, like she used to. I dared to ask, and God heard.

So I told my husband what happened. I said, “This time I’ll dare to ask from God for Sara to come back.” She too had left the Fellowship for more than four months. I do not know the outcome yet but what I have learnt is—to dare to ask from God.

By Su Hie
Faith Methodist Church, Kuching

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