PRAYINGwomen: Mary The Anointing of Worship

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Although women were of lowly social status during the time of Jesus, and not given any opportunity to be educated, Jesus treated them differently; He didn’t despise them at all.

On 23 March 2019, the First Women Prayer Convention invited Pastor Winnie Chan to preach during the morning devotion. She reminded the participants that Jesus never looked down on women. Citing examples of the woman at the well (John 4:7-26), the widow of the town of Nain whose only son died (Luke 7: 11-17) and the prostitute who was caught red handed (John 8: 3-11), she said that all of them have shown the compassion Jesus had towards women.

“Therefore, as women we should not let others define our identity. Even until today, there is still gender inequality. Man has always been on the priority list. Many of us still feel that we are the neglected ones. But, do remember that, God has never forsaken us!”

Pastor Winnie also reminded that the participants never to let their past hinder or decide their future. No matter what had happened before, God still loves them. What is more important is what they can do for the Lord at the very moment.”

Mary of Bethany, who had poured an alabaster jar of expensive perfume made from pure nard on Jesus was rebuked by Judah as a waste. (Mark 14:3-9) From this story, let us learn from Mary . She has given the wholesome offering to the Lord to be used by God.

She exclaimed, “Thus, let’s offer ourselves wholly as well whenever we have the opportunity. Do not wait. Furthermore, we should do it with an understanding of God’s heart desire.”

“The expensive perfume that Mary had was only used for kings, prophets and priests. It actually cost a person a year of hard work. That was why Judah complained about the wasteful deed. Perhaps, Mary had inner struggles about giving this gift too. However, she finally offered it without any reservation to the Lord. She was an example for us to emulate.”

Besides, the opportunity of offering is not always available. Mary did it on Jesus before He died. It was not after. She did it just in time with no regrets.

In fact Jesus had told them of His suffering many times before this incident. His disciples didn’t take notice. Only Mary kept it to heart, knowing the heartbeat of Jesus, and she did a beautiful thing before her Lord died.

Reported by April
Translated by Christina

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