PRAYINGwomen: Mary The Anointing of Faithfulness

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AT such a tender age, she was suddenly pregnant and unmarried. She would certainly face a lot of public pressure and became the shame of the family. How would her fiancé look at her? But Mary, the mother of Jesus opted to obey what God had planned for her and to accept the task of conceiving a baby through the Holy Spirit.

Nancy Kuyor shared the topic on “The Anointing of Faithfulness”. She took Mary, the mother of Jesus as an example, reminding sisters-in-Christ to remain faithful to God and persevere to the end.

From the Bible, we know that Mary was a young devoted believer in God. She was chosen by God to conceive a child, Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit. From what we see today, it is the most glorious thing. However, during her time, it was a shocking matter.

Personally, she had to face her fiancé, Joseph, whom she was engaged to. What would he do, she didn’t know. As the Bible stated, when he heard that, he secretly wanted to divorce her to avoid public pressure. But, Mary honoured God more than her own name, through obedience, she persisted till the end.

And at the Cross on Calvary, Mary had to witness the unbearable suffering her son had to go through, to hear all the accusations and taunting made on Jesus. She bore all these heartbreaking hurts inwardly yet bravely.

Nancy pointed out that, God always has His own method to call us, and would use any of our talents , to be of use to Him. When we respond, we are sure to face many challenges. If we can put our focus on God alone, and pray for wisdom to cope with difficult situations, God will never forsake us and will always be on our side.

“No matter how small the task is, we have to do it with all our heart, this is because to God no matter is insignificant.” She also reminded the participants to remain in close relationship with God, and “make praying a part of our life, not a choice.”

Let’s live out the life of God’s calling and persevere to the end.

Reported by April, Translated by Christina

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