PRAYINGwomen: Be a Potato

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During the Women Prayer Conference, there was a special event, Prophetic Creative Art. Four sisters-in-Christ from different places were invited to draw what they had received from God during praise and worship sessions. They came from the U.S.A, Singapore, Sibu, and Cambodia.

Before the commissioning ceremony on the night of 23 March, four prophetic art works were done and given out to four recipients who were corresponding to the messages conveyed through the prophetic artists.

During the commissioning, once again, Chrisanne Chin affirmed the worth of women. Though women might have gone through brokenness, God can still use their unwholesome life. Like a broken porcelain bowl, when restored using gold with techniques from lacquer, it would become a piece of awesome artwork which will worth a lot more than before.

Or like a precious pearl, it is produced only through a lot of difficulties and time. During the conference each lady was presented with a pearl brooch to signify her worth.

Secondly, Chrisanne urged that women should renounce any form of idol worship or things that distracted them and return to our first love, Christ Jesus. Women must be faithful to their calling and remain devoted till the end. Or else many are called but few are chosen.

When it said,” We are living in the now”, it doesn’t mean that we are to make merry while we can, but to see the urgency of the present needs. We are to be like the potato secretly growing in the soil, sprouting and producing.

Therefore, women were advised not to hesitate, but just do it! Be a prayer warrior like a potato growing and producing secretly, having as well the spirit of Queen Esther, “if I perish, I perish!”

Lastly, Chrisanne invited everyone to bless and send out the representatives from different regions so that they could become mighty praying warriors and battalions. These places included Sibu, Kuching, Bintulu, Sarikei, Bintangor, Miri, Kapit, Sabah, and etc. Meanwhile two groups of ladies were specially blessed: the Lun Bawang people groups, to become even stronger warriors; and the elderly sisters, to be Generals in praying ministry.

Reported by Lee Sing
Translated by Christina

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