ALLaboutFATHER:The school taught him to be “gooder”

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Has anybody ever gone to the School for Fathers? I was not aware that such a school existed, not until recently my husband cum father attended one.

What is this school? As the name suggests, it is for fathers only. What on earth do fathers have to be schooled at? To find out, husbands, enrol yourself into one. Wives, encourage your husbands to enrol. You will never regret it. Believe me.

My husband attended the school on 4 evenings despite his tight schedule. The final evening, graduation evening, all graduands’ wives and children were invited to be present. As a wife I was pleasantly surprised and happy to see my husband changed for the better even only after the first evening of school. Now, don’t get me wrong. My husband was and is good. But … the school taught him to be “gooder”.

I heard that at the school, attendees were given simple assignments – “assignments” for fathers to show and express and communicate within the family. This fosters and strengthens the family unit.

The graduation night marked the climax of the gushing forth of expressions of love, of tears, of hugs. Everyone involved felt the relief and strong bond of expressive words. It wasn’t designed just to last for the night – the graduation night.

Fathers pledged before God to be as designed by Him, to be “head of the family”.

I strongly believe all fathers must put aside any prejudice or pride and in humility, sign up for the “Father School” when opportunity arises. Everyone has much to gain and nothing to lose.

Sign up, fathers.

By Catherine Song, Wesley Methodist Church, Sibu

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