President’s Itinerary: July 2019

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July 3
SETF meeting;
AEC meetings;
MTS Board meeting.

July 5
Teach Senior Learning Centre

July 7
Preach in Living Hope PC and Samarindah PC;
Preach in Siniawan MC’s 20th Ann service.

July 9
WFCMC EXCO meeting (Sibu)

July 10
WFCMC delegates conference (Sibu)

July 13
Hwai En MC’s Education Building dedication

July 14
Preach in Xin Fu Yuan MC

July 15
Wei Kuo Hall dedication

July 16-18
Singapore-Malaysia Chinese Methodist DSs’ retreat (KL)

July 19
Teach in Senior Learning Centre

July 20
Panel talk on Inclusive Education;
Preach in Sarikei District Missions Rally.

July 21
Preach in Sing Ang Tong Foochow service

July 24
Lecture in MTS

July 27-31
Annual leave

总游览人数: 54
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