President’s Itinerary: September 2019

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Sept 1
Preach at Ming Ong MC; Moving to new building cum 10th Ann Thanksgiving

Sept 2
Revive the Land of Hornbill Camp

Sept 4
Lecture at MTS; EMC meeting

Sept 7
MPI graduation

Sept 8
Preach at Mei Ann MC

Sept 9
Holy Matrimony; ICB Movie Opening Ceremony

Sept 9-10

Sept 14
Preach at 30th Ann Thanksgiving Service of Shi En MC

Sept 15
Preach at Betong MC; Preach at 20th Ann Thanksgiving Service of Betong MC

Sept 16
2nd SCAC Methodist Archives Forum

Sept 17
FCMSM meeting in KL; LCEC of Ching Kwong MC

Sept 18
Com on Ministry of KCH E & W Districts;
LCEC of Trinity MC

Sept 20
Lecture at MTS

Sept 21
Lecture at MTS; Com on Ministry of Sarikei District; LCEC of Sarikei Town MC

Sept 22
Preach at Teo Guan Hong Ang MC

Sept 23
Lecture at MTS

Sept 24
LCEC of Kai Nguon MC

Sept 25
LCEC of Mei Ann MC

Sept 26
Pastors’ Wives Fellowship Retreat Com meeting

Sept 27
Special Talk at MAF Masland MC

Sept 28
MW Com meeting; Sarikei District Conference (AM); Bintangor District Conference (PM)

Sept 29
20th Ann of MSF Tien En MC

Sept 30
Lecture at MTS

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