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AT the recent re-dedication ceremony of Wei Kuok Hall, on Jalan Cempaka in Sibu, Rev Dr. Tie, the President of SCAC said that the church is an amplifier on 15 July 2019, in Sibu.

In conjunction with this celebration, the Annual Conference Choir made a special musical performance with a String Orchestra from Taiwan. The renovation of WISMA SCAC METHODIST – “Wei Kuok Hall” was completed on 28 February 2019.

Rev Dr. Tie refered to the Church at  Thessalonia where the Apostle Paul only served for three weeks but that church became an exemplary church in faith, hope and love. During the Dedication Ceremony, Rev Tie said, “Even though the Thessalonians came from a pagan background, they performed superbly in believing the true and living God.”

Paul said, “The Lord’s message rang out from you not only in Macedonia and Achaia — your faith in God has become known everywhere. Therefore we do not need to say anything about it. ” (1Thessalonians 1:8)

Rev Tie expressed that, Paul used the word “spread, or rang out” to signify that this church is like an amplifier, announcing their faith, love and hope to all places. Thus, he, we should emulate the Thessalonian Church and be an amplifier as well. However, we should be careful when acting as an amplifier, are we ringing out our bad name or that of our Holy God?

In Sarawak, he elaborated that there are a few renowned organizations which are ringing out like an amplifier, namely the Methodist Orphanage, Methodist Pilley Institute, Methodist Theological School, Wesley Church and the Methodist Kindergarten. Furthermore, in the last ten years or so, another building has made a name of itself, the Wei Kuok Hall. In actual fact, its whole name should be WISMA SCAC METHODIST.

Wei Kuok Hall has taken the lead in its popularity in the community. Whenever there is a concert, or other activities, it is always the venue of choice and people have come to recognize its stature.

However, not many people knew that ‘Wei Kuok’ is not an abbreviation of ‘Methodist Kingdom’ but is the name of the late father of Datuk Ding Liang Cheong, Mr. Ding Wei Kuok. What a great name indeed!

“Of every building, every organization, every person, we are all like an amplifier, making the public know us, and we are to glorify God in return, just as the Thessalonia Church had amplified the Word of God and its faith.”

Reported by Prodigal Ling
Translated by Christina

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