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am from China. I went to the family church in my home town when I was 14 years old. Now I am 24 years old, during the ten years, I experienced God in my life.

I live in a small town in Si Chuan. However, my father was working in another province as an ordinary construction worker in the past 10 years, so I lived with my mum in a small rented house.

At first, there were no one following Jesus Christ in my family, except my grandfather and grandmother. After my grandmother’s death, my mother suddenly wanted to go to the family church, and I just followed her. Since then, my mother followed Jesus wholeheartedly. She has served in the church for over 10 years now. For me, I learned some principles from my mother. She had impacted me a lot. Suffice to say, I thank God for leading me and my family though we do not deserve His grace.

My experience in MPI After completing my high school, I gave up the offer of university education in my country and chose to go for further studies in Methodist Pilley Institute in Malaysia. That was totally God’s leading since I never dreamed that I could attend Christian college overseas. And I think I was totally changed during these four years.

I had been rebellious as a teenager, and God gradually guided me to draw near to Him, especially in those days in Malaysia. Except studying (major in Early Childhood Education), I attended some religious activities such as Life game, children’s ministry, etc. I also took some elective courses in Methodist Theological School. Through all these experiences, I learned, repented, and grew, and I came to know clearly that Jesus Christ is my Saviour!

Waiting on God
In 2016, I graduated from MPI and came back to China. I tried to look for jobs but there were many bottlenecks since my certificate did not make me eligible to obtain the teacher’s qualification certificate there, so I kept praying and waiting for God’s leading. At that time, I did not know whether I should continue my study until my principal Mr. Hii King Kai in MPI told me about the chance of studying in Lancaster Bible College (LBC) in Pennsylvania, USA. And I remembered that I asked for promise before God in my prayers. I expected my Lord would show me the way since I was so lost. Before applying to the college, I spent more than one year waiting for God’s leading, and in the meantime I worked as an intern in a kindergarten for four months and served in Sunday School.

After a series of complicated application process, I came to LBC. It’s just like a dream.

However, I faced a lot of troubles applying for the F-1 visa, because I needed to pay again and went to another city, and I had to rearrange transportation and accommodation. Eventually, I passed, and I really saw the grace of God, as the Bible says, “My grace Is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

My mission
The most important thing is that I want to contribute to education in my country. Perhaps because of the complex Chinese social and historical background, I have seen and heard of many family education problems. I think most elders in particular do not know the physiological and psychological development of their children, so they lack the skills to educate their children. Thus, I have a burden for children’s education. I really think it’s important to give the best education during a child’s period of development.

I also learn that many preschool teachers are lacking in quality, especially after working for half a year, I found that many kindergartens are result-oriented and do not care much about the learning process. While following the Diploma course in MPI, I became especially aware of the importance of life education, and that’s exactly what we need in children’s education in my country. So, God opened the door for me and gave me the opportunity to equip myself with knowledge and ability, and I’m naturally willing to do it.

For me, preschool education is not just for children’s education, it is also a platform to set a good example for parents and teachers. Therefore, I want to engage in the education industry in my hometown. The main thing is to teach as a role model, then bring life education to my people. I hope that through studying in LBC, I can comprehend more in education and be more experienced, then apply it to my people.

In conclusion, I have never dreamed of studying in Malaysia or in LBC. This is the way God has led me, I just followed the guidance of God step by step. So I really thank God, although I am a sinner and incompetent – even though I cannot speak English well — God’s grace has brought me here.

Now I am in LBC, although I still face a lot of difficulties, I believe I can do it with God’s grace. I thank all the brothers and sisters who are praying for me. And I will do my best throughout my studies for the glory of our God.

By Liu Zhu Nian, Sibu

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