SCHOOLing: Counting the Blessings of My Secondary Final Year

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I am currently studying in an international school in Year 11 where I have spent nearly five years, and having a group of Christian and like minded friends. Our love for music and God bonded us.

Four of us lead the school’s chapel worship weekly. As a band, we often pray and support each other. Be it fear before a performance, or the difficulties experienced when practicing, even our own spiritual weakness, we all pray for each other. Although we are from different races, we have the same heavenly Father. It is a gift and grace from heaven to be able to have a group of close friends in Christ during my high school days.

This year, we are facing our graduation exam together, and our studies have continuously given us lots of pressure and hardship. The teachers bombard us with tons of homework and we are forced to work hard to complete all these assignments. Still, every school day is meaningful.

In addition to gaining knowledge, I also enjoy gaining wide experiences with my friends, through the school’s various on-campus and off-campus activities, such as the trip to the wildlife reserve, watching movies with the whole class, and the recent charity performances. I can see my Heavenly Father’s powerful hands training me academically and also training me to enjoy life. What a great grace this is!

During one charity performance, our band gave a live performance along with the whole school to present a drama. The charity was held to raise funds for orphanages. I was the keyboardist, Daniel the drummer, Joshua the bassist while Josh was the guitarist. Because God was there with us, we gave a really good performance. None of the guests realised that we were performing live! And they were surprised when we came out during the closing. They gave high recognition and praises to our performance. We give all this glory and honour to the Heavenly King.

In these short five-years of high school, I thirsted for knowledge; I felt the presence of God and the sharing of music with my band; I enjoyed friendships in my academic studies and also learnt to rely on the peace of God. This is my testimony of God’s unending grace for me during these five years of school.

After finishing high school, I would have no idea which new environment would I be when I further my studies and I would feel confused. But I know that Jesus is here, and that He will take my hand and guide me to the place He has prepared for me!

By Isaac Lim Yang, KL

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