44th SCAC: 8 Elders 5 Deacons 4 Missionaries Tie: Love to die and live

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The Memorial, Ordination, Commissioning Service and the Closing Ceremony of the 44th Annual Conference was held at Masland Methodist Church, Sibu on the 21st November, 2019.

In the Memorial Service, videos describing the faithful and fruitful lives of Rev Wong Kiu Nguok and Rev Ling Dao Shun were shown. Their examples of faithfulness to the Lord have spurred us to do the same with the tasks God has entrusted to us and the gifts God has given us until we go home to the Lord.

In his sermon, the SCAC President, Rev Dr Tie King Tai, preached from Galatians 2:20, with the title, “Love to die and live”. The apostle Paul lived and died for the glory of God. He had finished well the work God had given to him.

Paul knew God loved him and died for him. In response to God’s love, Paul loved God too and gave himself to Him (Galatians 2:20a). It is a reminder to us to remember that God loves us and we should likewise give ourselves to God. We are to die to sin, because Christ now lives in me. We die to law, because through Jesus, we now live in Grace. If we do Bible studies, prayers and fasting as a means to please God, we will be miserable. This has become a law which forces us to use our own efforts to please God and to win His approval. However, if we read the Bible, pray and fast, knowing that they are means of God’s grace, we will experience God indeed.

Lastly, the president reminded us to die to self, and strive for the glorious prize in eternity (Philippians 3:13-14). What is our prize? It will be the glorious crown for those who love the Lord. Another prize we should look forward to is that when we arrive in Heaven someday, someone will come up to us and thank us for sharing the Gospel with them.

Praise the Lord that 8 elders (Kiew Toh Wei, Ngu Hung Seng, Chee Ling Nan, Jonathan Lau Puong Fuang, Ling Tiong Cheng, Samuel Ung Sing Hing, Yeu Chin Thai and Irene Wong Ging Chai), 5 deacons (Ambrose Wong Tuong Dian, Fong Kah Wee, Ngu Lock Tee, Gabriel Ling How Sain and Hii Mee Siong) and 1 local deacon (Belinda Lee Swan Swan) were ordained during the service. May God continue to lead them and guide them in their ministries.
The service ended with the sending out of 4 missionaries (Wong Siew Nguok to Southeast Asia, Wong Kie to West Kalimantan; Irene Jee and Bryan Ak Luwes are local missionaries). May each of us carry the flame of the Gospel to our homes, schools, workplaces and to the people around us so that people will know our wonderful Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Reported by Rev Candy Liong

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