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1. How You Can Support Our Ministry

A. To Pray for our needs and to support our General Fund Total income for January till April 2016: about RM783,000 Total expenses for January till April 2016: about RM792,000.

Currently we don’t have many regular donors for MTS General Fund. That is why sometimes we are facing deficits. The total expenditure of MTS for year 2016, estimated to be about one million and forty thousand Ringgit Malaysia.

Please pray for God’s providence towards “MTS General Fund”. Pray that more brothers and sisters are willing to give and support MTS ministry financially. We welcome brothers and sisters to participate in the work of God.

Please specifyyour offering as “MTS General Fund”.

B. To become “Friends of MTS” There are some students from the Ibanchurches and foreign nations such as  China who need committed churches and church members to support them.

Besides the needy students, we also have lecturers who need constant upgrading in order to provide better training for our students. Such upgrading also needs funding. We are inviting you to prayerfully consider supporting them. We thank the Lord for the responses from some churches and members in becoming the “Friends of MTS”. Since we started “Friends of MTS” in January 2015, we have received a total amount of RM296,100, from 45 members/churches who become “Friends of MTS”. This donations had been allocated to support 5 students from China, 9 Iban Theological students and 10 Iban STMS students.

For 2016 second semester, MTS is having some new Iban students and some foreign students from China joining us for the Pre-Theological program. By then, we will have 10 Iban students (include 3 Pre-Theo. students) and 5 students from China (include 2 Pre-Theo students) who need financial support. For year 2016, total amount needed to support Iban students is RM81,460, whereas for students from China is RM60,400.

If the Lord leads you to support our needy students and lecturers, we will acknowledge you as “Friends of MTS”. Please fill up a “Friends of MTS” Sponsorship form and submit to MTS. You may pledge to sponsor one or more students until graduation. You may also choose to donate a sum of money on a regular or irregular basis. Please refer to our websites ( or come to MTS for details

2. MTS 2017 Intake
Theological Program, Missiological Program, Worship & Music Program and TEE Program

• You may obtain the application form from the MTS office or download from our website:
• Completed Application Form should be sent to the Principal or Academic Dean at the following address:
P.O.Box 78, 96007 Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Contact No.: +6084-321409 Fax: +6084-341409 Email:
• Application closing date for Malaysian students:
(a) Theological Program/Theological Program major in Missiology: 15th September
(b) Worship & Music Program: 15th September
(c) TEE Program/TEE Family Ministry Program: 31st October
** Application closing date for foreign students: 30th June **

Prayer Items:
– Pray for the new intake next year. Pray that more brothers and sisters will response to God’s calling.
– Pray that more church members are willing to equip themselves and come to MTS for TEE program.

3. Courses offered for M.Min. Program and TEE Family & Counseling Ministry Program

3.1 Master of Ministry Program:
Date: 11-15/07
Subject: Church Leadership in the 21st Century
Lecturer: Rev. Dr. Ling Tung Kiing
Date: 11-15/07
Subject: Advanced Preaching
Lecturer: Rev. Dr. Tie King Tai

3.2 TEE Family & Counseling Ministry Program:
Date: 25-29/07
Subject: The Change of Family Structure
Lecturer: Dr. Rachel Ting Sing Kiat
Date: 07-09/10 & 21-23/10
Subject: Family Counseling Case Studies
Lecturer: Rev. Dr. Khoo Ho Peng

Prayer items:
– Pray for the good health of the lecturers. Pray that God will grant them wisdom in their teaching.
– Pray for the students to have good health to study during the intensive course.

4. Interaction Forums on Contemporary Issues
MTS Wesley Centre takes up the challenge to organize interaction forums on contemporary issues from time to time, in order for the church to play a prophetic and missional role in the society.
The Centre is going to host three more interaction forums in 2016:
Date: 28/7 (Thursday 8:30-9:30pm)
Venue: Wei Kuok Hall, Sibu
Theme: Is Heavy Metal Music evil?
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Lu Chen Tiong (Director of Worship and Music program, MTS)

Date: 13/10 (Thursday 8:30-9:30pm)
Venue: Wei Kuok Hall, Sibu
Theme: Hudud Law from a Christian perspective
Speaker: Brother Wong Seng Ho (a lawyer and member
of Mei Ann Methodist Church, Miri).
(All are welcome to attend the above forums. Admission is free.)

Prayer items:
– Please pray for the speakers, venue, PA system, electric ity supply for each interaction forum.
– Please pray that all the interaction forums will run smoothly.

5. 9th Wesleyan Seminar
Theme: Wesleyan Views of Eschatology
Date: 15th – 17th August 2016

1) To have a more in-depth study of Wesleyan theology and its impact in the area of eschatology.
2) To spread scriptural holiness across the land of Malaysia and other countries, bringing along the renewal of churches and transformation of nations, through a profound biblical as well as Wesleyan understanding of eschatology.

Seminar Donation:
• RM 80 by 15th June 2016
• RM 120 by 15th July 2016
• RM 170 after 15th July 2016 (handouts and refreshments will not be arranged) Prayer items:
• Please pray for all the speakers: good health, and wisdom.
• Please pray for all the participants: to be receptive and teachable

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