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Two days before Chinese New Year this year, I was rushed into Sibu General Hospital with heart and lung problems. At that time, I was totally without strength and had to be admitted into the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). All my loved ones around me panicked because they thought the end of my days on earth would come soon. I was in such critical condition.

God honoured my faith and the prayers of the church. Throughout the experience, I never gave up. Instead, I surrendered myself into the mighty hands of God and just prayed unceasingly in my heart.

I was hospitalized for 17 days. On discharge from the hospital, I was still very weak. I fell down several times. The miraculous thing is that although I fell, I didn’t hurt myself badly. I believe the gracious Lord sent His angel to protect me.

As I got better, I told my family members that I wanted to go to church even though they felt that I should rest at home. One Sunday after church I fell directly at the steps in front of my house. The enemy was not happy that I went to church again. But I praise the Lord because He protected me again and I didn’t get hurt.

God’s power is great! Now I am getting better and better day by day. I sing praises and worship Him every morning when I get up and continue to sing praises throughout the day. As I have difficulty with movement, the Sisters’ Group has Bible Study in my house. I look forward to this fellowship every Wednesday morning. Although I am advanced in age, the joy of the Lord is my strength. I live with hope and trust in the Lord.

Tiong Lee Moi
Zion Methodist Church, Sibu

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