WATCH & pray: Have mercy on our country, O God!

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Pray for Sarawak State Legislative Council
1. Pray for the newly elected State Cabinet. May the Holy Spirit work amongst our Ministers and Assemblymen; may they all serve the people diligently. May God strengthen our Chief Minister , and grant him a heart that loves Sarawak and her people; may he have a healthy body to serve a full five years term.

2. Pray that the State Cabinet will draw out and execute all development and policies fairly and effectively. May God grant a righteous spirit to all Assembly men, so that they can effectively carry out policies that benefit both the State and the people in it, so that Sarawak can rejuvenate and rise up to become the light of our nation.

3. Pray for the intellectual and spiritual growth of our State Assembly men – may God help them to be willing to equip and improve themselves so that they can serve the people and rule the state with more wisdom, knowledge and patience.

4. Pray for all Christian Assembly men, whether they are in the ruling party or the opposition, that they can reject corruption and shine forth light, giving a positive impact to different levels in the state.

Pray for the Indigenous People of Sarawak
1. Pray that the Indigenous Christians can keep their faith. May the Holy Spirit guard their hearts and minds so that they can be firm to reject sinful habits and live holy lives, may they hold on to their faith and not be tempted to leave the Truth.

2. Pray for the spiritual growth of the Indigenous Christians; may they grow in faith. Pray that God will rise up spiritual leaders to lead their own people group, training them up not only to become leaders in the family or community, but also outstanding leaders of the country.

3. Pray for the Indigenous Churches: may God use the churches mightily as salt and light, may they be equipped to reach out to their own people so that many will believe in the only true God Jesus Christ.

4. Pray that all Indigenous people will turn to God; may God raise up Gospel messengers and missionaries to work amongst them; may the Holy Spirit move and awake the lost souls so that they will repent and turn to God.

Pray for all People Groups in Sarawak
1. Pray for Christians from all races: may the Holy Spirit awake them to be watchful for the second coming of our Lord, may they seize all opportunities to spread the Gospel through personal testimonies.

2. Pray for ourselves; let us ponder how we can witness for Christ here and now. May God use us to be channels through which the Good News can be preached and unbelievers brought to the Lord.

3. Pray for the pagans. Pray that the Holy Spirit will work through all possible means to enable people realize their own sins and destiny to doom. May they be willing to review their beliefs and choose to believe in Jesus Christ.

4. Pray that our churches will emphasize more on evangelism. May the Holy Spirit guard and lead our churches so that we will not be caught up with busy ministries and lost the real meaning of the existence of a church.

Pray for Malaysia
1. Pray that the Holy Spirit will convict our Prime Minister and his Cabinet so that they can rule the country with a heart that loves the people. Pray that they will uphold justice and execute all policies fairly. May the Spirit of righteousness fill our land.

2. May God convict all Malaysians to yearn for a peaceful and harmonious land; may all Malaysians commit to maintaining the harmony and mutual acceptance between each race. May humility and compassionate be the foundation of our nation.

3. Pray for the weak, the poor and the sufferings- may God help them, and may we lend a helping hand to serve them. Pray that Christians can heed God’s call for social concern.

4. May God have mercy on our country; may all the rampant crimes and evils be revealed and dealt with accordingly. May God change people’s heart to choose kindness, to live in the light away from sins, to love life and to pursue holiness.

Provided by Board of Laity,
SCAC, Sibu

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