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JUNE 10, MIRI – In continuing the act of love shown to Curtin University undergraduates, a Small Group from Grace Methodist Church (GMC) again cooked and served chicken soup at Senadin Methodist Preaching Centre (SMPC).

The chicken soup, affectionately called the Love Soup, is traditionally served in Chinese families. The nourishing soup is known to enhance mental alertness and energy in preparation for exams.

SMPC Pastor-in-charge Rev. Jabez Tiong welcomed everyone in the packed centre. He also thanked and praised the Small Group for their love toward the students.

“I like it when the SMPC Chairman earlier mentioned that these Uncles and Aunties cooked chicken soup for strangers. This is true in the sense that most of them do not know you personally and yet they are so willing to spend their time and money to cook just for you all,” said the good shepherd. “Another piece of good news is that we have a record attendance tonight – 158 students! This means we have a ‘good problem’ with our limited space, ” Rev. Tiong added jovially.

Sabahan Celyne Foo was thrilled. “Wow, the Love Soup is here again! Every student can’t wait for this event including myself because we can taste the various types of chicken soup filled with full of love prepared by our brothers and sisters-in-Christ from GMC. I would like to thank God that there is such a group willing to spend their precious time to serve and cook soup for us each semester. May God bless them with good health and lots of happiness to do His work,” said Foo, a Year 2 undergraduate in Accounting and Finance.

“The biannual Love Soup event in SMPC has always been a great blessing for the students studying in Curtin University. Not only the chicken soup prepared by the Uncles and Aunties from GMC is delicious but it is also packed full of nutrients to nourish the students for their exams. It is always around this time that students tend to struggle or backslide in their faith in Christ especially when the going gets tough. But thank God for Love Soup, the students are able to find peace, hope and strengthen their faith. Knowing what they are studying is not for their own sake only, but to glorify God,” commented Brian Chew, a Year 2, Mechanical Engineering undergraduate from Kuching.

by James TC Wong
(This story was first published at gmc.
org.my on June 14, 2016).

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