CMM celebrating 65th Anniversary

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“The Chinese Methodist Message 65th Anniversary Celebration cum Prayer Meeting” was the climax in the celebration of the 65th Anniversary of the Methodist Message and was also a new milestone in the history of Methodist Message. Over 600 pastors, brothers and sisters-in-Christ witnessed the occasion.

The Prayer Meeting was held on April 21 in Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church, Sibu. On top of praying for general matters and literature evangelical ministry, the most touching moment was when all invited guests, brothers and sisters attending the function prayed and blessed all the staff of the Board of Christian Literature by laying of hands. President Su also encouraged these co-workers. Other events during the Ceremony included the award of the first “Sarawak Chinese Methodist Literature Award” (essay category and book category), “East Malaysia Chinese Methodist Church Library Contest”, the launching ceremony of ten new books, as well as the “Malaysian Chinese Christian Literature Passing the Flame Award” and other activities.

The ceremony for launching the new books was officiated jointly by Mr. Hii Chang Kee, the Resident of Sibu Division (also the First Associate Layleader of SCAC) and Rev. Su, President of SCAC.

After the Ceremony, there was a book sale offering each set of the 10 new books at a low price of RM100.00. They sold like hot cakes.

“The workers of words have distinguished identities. By their pens and deeds the Christian ‘pen soldiers’ are of higher affirm and called identity to preach forth God’s virtue and to build a sound life.”

Rev. Su, the President of SCAC, encouraged the fellow workers by making the above remark quoting from 1 Peter 2:9-10.

President Su said that the workers of words are the writers, literary endorsers, emissaries of the literary and arts circles and “pen soldiers” and they also have great missions. By holding on to the principles of “Stay away from evil and harm no one “, “Do good and be righteous “ and “Always love God”, they can indirectly encourage the reader and bring about change both to themselves and the world.

Recalling his memory as a past Chairman of the Board of Christian Literature, President Su said that the office of the Methodist Message used to be in a small room behind the Methodist Book Room that could only accommodate two staff members and a computer. Today it has expanded from two part-time workers to 8 full-time workers. Thanks be to God that the Methodist Message has not only a permit for publishing the Chinese version of the magazine but also a permit to publish both the English and Malay versions. To keep up with the modern trend an electronic version of the Methodist Message was launched two years ago.

He added that the Methodist Message readership now covers 20 countries across 5 continents; in places where missionaries are not allowed entry, missionary works are now by words and literature.

so much work, actually it is God at work and we are merely His instrument. For the past 65 years, God not only granted us bountiful life, but in this bountiful life we are to continue walking the path ahead. “

President Su said that no matter what the future holds one has to respect and affirm his God-given identity (1 Peter 2: 9-10).

“Advocating can be by words (speech and writing) and by action (behavior and life) to express and promote the virtues of God, by God’s way to encourage life transformation and to transform life.”

He acknowledged that it is no easy task to be workers of words. In addition to knowing their own identity and mission, they need to possess sound spiritual life and literary ministry. Jesus Christ is the perfect example of a sound spiritual life.

A sound spiritual life covers soundness intellectually, physically, spiritually and in community life be knowledgeable, broad minded and wise in winning people. Workers of words must have a healthy body, live a holy life and willingness to walk the extra mile; they must further read God’s Word, writing articles about God’s way and be pleasing to God; be with the people, know and write about their needs.

Reported by April
Translated by KT Chew

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