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A two-day (15-16 April 2016) workshop was conducted for kindergarten teachers by Ms Chew Siok Cheng and Ms Joyce Ting Mei Eng, lecturers of Methodist Pilley Institute Early Childhood Education Department. The aim is to equip kindergarten teachers with some basic teaching and practical skills, so as to enhance the quality of kindergarten teaching. The workshop covered subjects on how to observe the behaviour of children, understanding child development, the identification of children with special needs, as well as curriculum design. Observing children’s behavior seems simple, but is a science.

A professional kindergarten teacher should be able to:
i. identify the various stages of the child development,
ii. carry out observation and recording
iii. understand the various factors behind the behaviour of children, and discover clues and patterns of children behavior.
iv. develop teaching strategies to cope with various situations
v. design appropriate and effective curriculum

The workshop was attended by 12 full-time kindergarten teachers. It provides the teachers with the professional knowledge, and also opportunities to practise what they have learned in the two days, through simulated teaching and group work. Methodist Pilley Institute sincerely hopes that more workshops of this kind would allow preschool teachers the opportunities to exchange their views on teaching methods and experiences. As the proverb goes, learning is like rowing upstream; yo either keep forging ahead, or failing to do that, you will be left behind. Kindergarten teachers are urged to grasp every learning opportunity, and continue to upgrade themselves to face the new challenge in teaching.

Methodist Pilley Institute is currently offering Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Hons) in collaboration with HELP University. SPM school-leavers with minimum 3 credits can enroll to study Diploma in Early Childhood Education for 2.5 years, and then proceed to do Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Hons) for another 2 years. UEC SM3 school leavers with minimum 5B or STPM school leavers with minimum 2 credits can enroll to study Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Hons) for 3 years. For enquiry, please contact Mr Bobo Wong, Course Counselor of Methodist Pilley Institute at 084-322268.

Provided by Methodist Pilley Institute, Sibu

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